Jason King


Just to make sure that we are evening up the good and bad posts about him... I'll give the big fella another wrap.

Excellent tonight!! Really stepped up with Kite not being there... give yaself a pat on the back champ for another job well done.


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150m all in hitups

cant ask for more

it was obvious they were kicking the ball to rose on the restarts


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He's played well, and dominated - every single game he has played this year. Not ONE poor performance. Keep that up for this season - he will play for NSW (after they lose this year - ouch - sorry lads).


yeah he did well, he looked very tired at the end but i think he spent longer than normal on the field, good on him, we needed him to stand up in Kiteys absence.


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He had a good game. Strong all night.

I think a few broncos were lucky to get away with kingy landing on his back in a tackle there. Could have ended very badly.

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King did well but he does drop quickly when he hits the line and then is easy to roll over, meaning a slow play the ball and time for the defence to set. If he could power through tackles a bit more he would be devastating. Defensively he is much stronger this year with better lateral movement. A big improver and he deserves credit for this. (One silly back pass cost us possession though!!!)


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that wasnt just kingy's fault, Rose couldnt bend over to reach the ball, it looked like he was trying out for biggest loser


that was bloody embarressing, had to cringe watching George's attempt to simply bend over lol If he was a Krispy Kreme he would have swooped one handed and took off down field!


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If it was a Krispy Kreme he would have swooped one handed and took off down field!

With ben hannant chasing him.

King is playing like a weapon this year. He even l,ooks mean now with his facial hair.

Keep taking those angry pills Kingy because you are the best.

He is probably in line for SOO call up if one or more of the NSW starting props gets injured this week. They coiuld do worse than call up Kingy "the weapon of mass destruction".


Long time reader of this forum and i don't often post.

King is in career best form and deserves every rap we can give him. Great to see him go so well :clap:

People said we would miss BK but Stewy2 and King have stepped up so well i think we are a real chance this year.

Saturday will show us all.



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King went good Monday nite although I don't like his passing the ball. He needs to hang onto it, run straight and hard and press through the line, ala Kennedy. Can that be coached. Mybe Des could get BK to do some fine tuning with our front rowers.


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I knew I shouldnt have agreed with you!!

Kennedy was one of the most prolific offloaders in recent times.


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Kingy was 'passing' on monday night, not 'offloading' clon. There's a difference. I meant that BK could show these boneheads how to squeeze through tackles thus making more metres and getting themselves in a position to offload.

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