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Journey Man
Honestly - I feel less optimistic right now than I did this time last year.

The only "bright light" on the horizon is Orford and Bell.

Apart from that, what is there to like?

1. Next year our pack goes backwards.
2. We haven't any depth in our outside backs.
3. We don't have a five eighth.
4. We're saddled with King and Monaghan on long term contracts.
5. We're blighted by a meddling and interfering owner.
6. We're the worst-performed side in the NRL by a country-mile in the second half of the season.
7. Our defence leaks like a rusty sieve.
8. We cannot win a game without BK in the side. What happens if he gets injured?
9. We have bugger all talent coming through the ranks it seems.
10. We have the lowest turnover of any NRL club.

Is it any wonder we all feel like John Brogden?


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Be a bit more liberal if Hoppa was still in the side, if you catch my drift!


First Grader

How lucky was manly snaring Orford and Bell when we were playing well. Would they have signed now?

I think Carr would be a Hoppa supporter :)


Premium Member
As usual Matebele you have not provided the balance to your comments, so in the interest of providing a balanced view here are my repsonses to your concerns.

Next year our pack goes backwards.

But we have offloaded (in your opinion) 2 non-performers in Randall & Harris. Based on that comment you obviously feel that their replacements, whomever they will be be will not reach the lofty heights set by Chad & Sam. Common Matabele, you can’t have your cake and eat it as well.

We haven't any depth in our outside backs.

Difficult to argue with on that point. A lot of faith will need to be placed in both Alberts & Stephenson to step up to the mark in this area.

We don't have a five eighth.
Travis Burns is a ready-made 5/8, he is very young but I have seen enough talent in him in the PL to suggest that he can make the grade.

We're saddled with King and Monaghan on long term contracts.
**** happens

We're blighted by a meddling and interfering owner
This will no longer be a issue.

We're the worst-performed side in the NRL by a country-mile in the second half of the season.
But we were the best performed team in the 1st half of the season, in fact we were so good then that despite our poor second half of the season we are still in the 8.

Our defence leaks like a rusty sieve.
We can defend, for extraneous reasons has lost the desire to defend.. It will return………soon I hope

We cannot win a game without BK in the side. What happens if he gets injured?
We did win at least one game without him this year, it was early in the season, so it can happen.

We have bugger all talent coming through the ranks it seems.
We have some great talent in the JF team. Nearly half that team played SG Ball this year and are now playing well outside their age bracket butthey are improving each week. They beat Cronulla 2 weeks ago who were coming 3rd and last week held St George for ¾ of the match. St George ar ethe gun side of this compitition and will win it in a cake walk. I thought it was great effort on Saturday night by the JF team. I know it is abig step from JF to NRL but we do have some talent coming through. Noel Cleal did not earn his reputation as one of the best talent spotters in the game for no reason.

We have the lowest turnover of any NRL club.
The point being?

Is it any wonder we all feel like John Brogden,
As tough it has been in the past 2 months being a Manly supporter I would not ever want to compare that with Brogden at the moment. He was an idiot, goose, twat whatever name you want to call him, but he was publically humilated and that would be an extrmley painful punishement. Most of us have probably done equally stupid things (I know I have) but I never had to suffer that type of humilation.


Journey Man
Well Corso mate - I think I agree on a lot of your points there.

I conider this Mata:

Ballin is better than Randall
Cuthbertson is better than Harris
King will improve next year with 1/2 a year of proper training.
Monaghan as much as I hate it is better than NO 5/8.

Depth wise, I think we are cool with Steppa, Matai, Alberts, Robertson, Burns, Mullane ready for 1st grade. Las Vegas rates Robertson so I am happy to go with that.

I think we are all under estimating the Orford / Bell factor. I rate them as a top 5 players in the world in their respective positions.

As for talent, I see Groome, Styles etc, so I think we DO have some stars in the making.

You know guys - I am shattered right now about the performances because they are concurrent. If we won every second game this year, as upposed to 9 at the start, then a drought, I'd be so much happier.

Hence my mood swings when I think of footy.

We'll be good next year.

I predicted 10th this year, and I predicted 3 wins 16 weeks ago, and I will be very close on both.

Next year - top 4. It's a guarantee from me.

My one thing needed to change that though is something in the coaching.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Mata _ I have to agree with Corso Pete on many of his points. I don't have current figures about turnover so I will be interested as to how close we run to budget.

I was encouraged that the club is planning to spend to the level of the secondary salary cap, something we have not done in the past. That should improve the depth.

I think that the club is very careful bringing on young players and certainly can't be accused of throwing them in too soon. Hopefully this will prove wise sometime in the future.

As for Ryan's comments on coaches it is interesting to note that Tim Sheens has been voted in a survey as the number 1 coach. This time last year his team did virtually what the Sea Eagles have done this year. Glad that someone taught him how to coach in the off-season and that he learned so quickly. Also obviously in 1999 Bozo lost his coaching ability as his team lost 6 in a row.

Come to think of it - great that Nathan Brown was able to go to coach University after Round 6 after his team had lost their first 5 games. He obviously learned how to coach during that week as his team then won a game!!!!


Journey Man
Where have you boys found the stash of anti-depressants.

1. I still rate Harris and think he will come back to bite us. We only let him go because we are saddled with the Moanaghan fool.

2. Burns is untried, has been playing half back and didn't impress when he did play 5/8th.

3. When the whips were cracking in the 2nd half of the season, against quality sides, we have been found badly wanting.

4. We won without BK - against Souths woohoo, and they didn't have Fletcher and it was Walker's first game for them.

5. Our defence has been a joke and we will go close to registering the 751 points that we did last year.

All I hear from you boys is "if this happens, if that happens". All I hear is "**** happens".

Reality check - the only improvement in the side is Orford and Bell and we've lost depth to achieve it.

If we have a bad run of injuries next year (say just Orford and BK out for most of the season) we will be wooden spooners.

"I'm so glad you came, I'm so glad you remembered, to see how it ended, this last dance together".

(Ryan - don't forget that e-mail you sent me today. On the money)


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I found mine under the couch I chucked them there at about round 4 thinking I wont be needing them this year!


Journey Man
We had the bye in Round 4 and tthen we were roundly flogged by the Dragons in Round 5. The writing was on the wall.


Premium Member
We had the bye in Round 4 and tthen we were roundly flogged by the Dragons in Round 5. The writing was on the wall.

In retrospect it was, but at the time we were beaten by a team that had underperformed to that point and were under tremondous pressure. As the remainder of the season has shown they have fulfilled their potential and are now premiership favourites.

Our season was quickly back on track after that game and was so for a further 8 or 9 weeks. We can all be wise after the event and our now well known shortcomings were first unveiled in that match.

Every year rookies come through, in our backyard we have Brett Stewart, Parramatta have Tim Smith, St George have Ben Creagh, Roosters, Toupou, Tigers, take your pick of 3 or 4.

It will happen again next year, nothing is more certain, for me Travis Burns is the most likley to join that brigade. I can't help being optimistic, it is part of my personality, as much as it Ryan's to find fault with anything and everything and for Matabele to over analyse every media release issued by Manly.

Next year we will spend to both Salary cap limit and also the secondary cap limit. We have unargueably the best training & rehab facilities of any NRL squad. We have (at least according to Matabele) the most astute senior management and to cap that off for 2006 we have players such as Stewart, Bell, Orford, Kennedy, Menzies & Watmough. That is 7 players of the highest quality. If you cannot be optimistic with that keep on drinking the John Brogden gin, because it is a long time to be feeling down and out before a ball is kicked in 2006.


Journey Man
Whenever I'm having a discussion or debate with ANYONE - instead of adding value to a conversation or debate - you just try and lay the boot in without substantiated discussion.

I have ignored it, and ignored it, hoping it will pass, but you are definately consistent.

All I ask is that you lay off.


UFO Hunter
The ryan bashing is getting a bit much guys. Its funny at first, and he can take a lot of stick, but its not funny anymore. Lets keep it debate.


Journey Man
It's what this whole site was designed for. I think I'm pretty tolerant of some, and RARELY abuse or niggle or attack, because I don't think it's fitting with the environment of this site.

That's why I can appreciate a debate with Corso, Canteen etc, even though we have VERY differring opinions.

But the niggle is just plain childish.


UFO Hunter
Silvertails is about strong debate. Mixed with a little bit of light harted humor, often at someones expense, but it is starting to become a little too personal.

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