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Reserve Grader

I was sitting pretty much dead on the 50 metre line in the benches in front of the hill, and the only "abuse" I saw/heard was when a Penrith fan in front of me leaned over the fence to pick something up and someone yelled "Push him over!", which his friend didn't take too kindly too :p

Apart from that very, very minor incident, I didn't see or hear anything all game. Even though those Penrith fans in front had been loud all game, we let them leave without saying a word, though it was funny to see them all depressed after the first 15 minutes in the 2nd half :D


Been following it too, don't know what to make of the whole situation. Some parts seem genuine but I have doubt about others.

Being loud and proud is the standard and sledging is an accepted method to add atmoshpere. You can't make complaints in this regard. There will however always be tools at any football game, regardless of whose playing.

If people were being spat at, racially abused, assaulted and others had their flags burned than that is a serious issue and should be dealt with if possible.

It might be sour grapes but if the claims of severe abuse were genuine than it warrants a report. I'd be real pissed off though if these stories were fictionalized or exagerrated to make us look feral. Abuse probably occurs at every game too except it happens to a small minority and it isn't usually severe as there are severe consequences and people around to settle it down.

Having said that we have strict security and I have never witnessed problems at Brookvale other than people having to be chucked out for drinking too much.

As always it's a case of our word against theirs.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Downie you were sitting right behind or around ryan and I then. Ryan and I were on the same bench as the penrith supporters with his hat.

Ryan and I started a few M4 chants and M2 chants,. A couple of Westie calls ad just general sledging but nothing like reported above. That sonds like BS to me. I was at the ground until there were only a few supporters left there and nothing like that happened.


Reserve Grader
Yeah, I think I saw you a couple of times during the match, especially at the end when the Silvertails banner was brought over. The only other one I recognised from the photo's in the gallery was MB though.

I was two rows back and a couple of metres to the left, I think.


First Grader
I guess this could happen But I guess 10 or so loony fools can't be a reflection on the other 15k odd fans.

I've never seen a bad incident over my years at going to brookie.

Just the usual swearing at the ref and opposition players etc.


Journey Man
i saw some ****house behaviour a few games back - beer cans that still had contents being thrown at opposition supporters. complete dickheads


Winging it
I saw that Fluffy and was very disappointed. First time in over 25 years and it was the booze. All the same, once in all that time is not too bad.


Reserve Grader
Just the same guys, not good.... every family has the right to go to the footy and enjoy the match and not fear for their safety...... the email writer did not read like the sort who would BS.... so if it did happened the wombats involved should apologise straight away!


Journey Man
MB we started yelling abuse at them at one stage - its not on simple as that.

Banter and sledging is fine especially when its two way but physical violence has no place at the footy


Does anybody know where this was all supposed to have happened ?
Me and my mates were giving some heavy abuse but we were well out of spitting & pushing range. It sounds to me like a bit of adding up everything that happened, multiplying it by 10 and adding a bit to spice it up to me.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
The one time I saw some abuse being thrown was when you brought your free schapelle banner to the footy. We didnt stop abusing you all day!


Journey Man
Did Cliffy make the trip South ?

I assumed it was another fat fellow, perhaps from a corporate box :blaugh:

Nah, I was in the dressing sheds singing the team song with the boys. :p

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