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From: Geza (Original Message) Sent: 2/08/2005 9:22 PM
I had a lengthy chat with an old mate who is now an NRL official at a recent function and what he said was prettly much well known but some of things reaaly make your eyes open with the total control of the NRL by the Bondi connection.I can't name the people involved due to legal reasons but I'm sure most people will know who I am talking about.

The Roosters greatest weakness has been their lack of a strong local juniors base. That's why they were 'unofficially' very pleased to see Souths booted out of the comp after the Super League war. They not only won the services of the new wiz kid at the time, Craig Wing, but their mouths watered at the talent coming up the ranks from their defeunct neighbours.

But when Souths were re-admitted to the NRL, the Roosters moved to "Plan B" -have Souths re-located out of Sydney. The most obvious location was the Central Coast which boasts a quality stadium, strong juniors and a growing population. But there was a major obstacle - John Singleton and his proposed Central Coast Bears to make up the 16th team.

The Roosters moved to "Plan C" - destroy the Bears' bid. To do that, they supported the bid from the Gold Coast and offered them their asistant coach John Cartwright. When the NRL looked over the bids last year, it was clear that the Central Coast Bears were far superior to the others. But the Roosters persuaded the NRL to accept none of them while they worked frantically to get the Gold Coast up to standard. They lobbied the QLD government to pour in millions to upgrade the Gold Coast home ground and raise more sponsorship from the local business community. Once the QLD government came good to provide the funds, the NRL jumped in and announced the Gold Coast as the 16th team - thus killing off the Bears once and for all.

This now opened the doors for Souths to re-locate to the Central Coast. Only another problem came up. Despite the NRL pressuring Souths to move up north, they decided to move to Telstra Stadium. Now it was time for "Plan D" - to destroy Souths. The Roosters believe that as long as Souths remain uncompetitive, they will always be vulnerable to pressures to re-locate. They attacked where it hurt most. They signed Souths skipper Ashley Harrison and their number one target, Anasta. This was enough to give Orford cold feet and sign with Manly, and ensure Souths will not have a team next season able to compete with the best.

Don't forget the NRL / Roosters deal with Anasta. One day Anasta announces he will not go to Rugby and stay with League, and the next day he is selected for the Blues side. Weeks later he signes up with the Roosters because Stuart is 'the best coach he has played under'.

The Bondi connection is not a myth.

Chip and Chase

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I love a good conspiracy theory.

Part of KP's New World Order no doubt.

Stuey Davis’s Socks

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At all sounds strangely feasible and almost logical - apart from the bit about lobbying the QLD govt for GC funding (as if).

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Politis, Gould, etc Nothing surprises me.

Dennis Fitzgerald is a prize goose most of the time but he hit the nail on the head when he stated that it is time that no club affiliated officials should now sit on the NRL board.

Those days are over and it is time an independent group of people ran the game. Players and clubs are expected to be profressional. So should our administrative structure.

It is not just being above board, it is being seen to be above board so that stories such as the one above can't run.

Manly had this sort of 'stench' about us in the 80s and it took the gloss off the premierships in the 80s and 90s!!!


Not that I don't believe that this could all be quite true BUT isn't this the same poster who put up the bogus emails before ???
[quote author=Utility Player]
Their not the Bondi branch of the Stonecutters by any chance
You're not the chosen one UP? Do you have the mark and the sacred parchment??? :lol2:

Got the body but sadly lack the other 2


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Not that I don't believe that this could all be quite true BUT isn't this the same poster who put up the bogus emails before ???
Correct. But we've had fun getting stuck into Ricketson haven't we?

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