If we don’t beat the Roosters, this season will be a failure.

Would you consider this season a failure if we lose to the Roosters?

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I have consistently said that we had a top 6 roster .... 6th was the par in my head ... 4th is a birdie ... Grand final appearance an Eagle ... and a Premiership an Albatros ....
I like that Woodsie, two great powerful birds the Albatross and the mighty Sea Eagle !!
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I've tried everything. I tell myself I am greatness personified but I can't seem to get even a microsecond faster.
That's not how motivational quotes work. They only improve your performance if other people use them about you.

If we bow out to the "injury ravaged" Roosters then it really shouldn't change how we view this season, yes we can be disappointed at the finish but can reflect on a great seson.

During stages of the season we too were "injury ravaged" but the simplistic view is we were missing Tom.

We are without our first choice hooker, we lost Sirro and Davey early ( Des' first choice 2nd rowers), also lost Boyle and Jetski, no Tom, no Walker, no Aloiai at stages of the season.
Suli started the season as a starting centre so Harper was a back up also.

I think at one stage we only had 21 of our 30 available.
Players like Garrick, Harper, Schu, Guac, Paseka, Sipley, Keppie & Croker have taken on greater responsibility because they had to. Lawton came to us injured and he's now a regular in the 17.

We need to really think that yes we finished fourth but could have been sixth.
Would finishing sixth and then bowing out be viewed upon more favourably?
It would be the same amount of losses for the season.
What if we started great, were Top 4 all year and then bombed at the end to finish sixth or seventh, is that perceived as a bigger disappointment?

Where we finish now is all in our perception really.

Coming fourth, a Prelim may be considered par but the odds on Panthers are now one game away from doom too, in fact all teams are now.
There was two points between the top three then a fair gap and only two points between 4-6 then another gap to the rest.
We were clearly in the top six so that is a huge plus mark to me.

To me, we've had a great season, won 15 of our last 20 games, whacked Parra twice, seen the emergence of a true superstar, the smile again on DCE's face, the rebirth of Foz and the future with Guac and Schu.
Three players in the Top 5 try scorers.
Garrick is the first point scorer to go over 300pts, he's in the record books forever.

There's a lot to like, Dally M night we'll have at least two getting awards, maybe three.

We desperately need the week off, we were redlining but on our day I'm confident we can beat anyone and that'll do me.

I'll leave it with this, I saw a mate on Saturday morning "Gee Stu, how did Manly go last night?" I replied with, "so what time are the Sharks playing this weekend?"
And that my friends is the tale of the tape.
Excellent summary!
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I see us as very much a work in progress.

The results and turn around after 4 rounds is pretty amazing and although we got our backsides kicked last weekend, we have another chance to put things right and have a crack at Souths in week 3.

We are not expected to win the comp so anything is a bonus, I think the real heat is on Penrith who have so much to prove after last years GF defeat and they are now in the same position that we are in and if they beat the Whinging worms they have the drizzle to contend with
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I think we will beat the roosters. If we somehow lose I would not consider this season a failure but rather a success based upon the potential demonstrated by this team during the year and the potential for next year. We have the basis of a very good team combined with some smart recruiting and valuable lessons learnt we will likely be contenders next year. GO Manly.
We are not going to lose against the Roosters. It's not how the Manly story ends this season. Des will have the team completely refocused on winning this game. It is written, and so it shall be done. Go Manly.
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For me we are clearly a team on the up. This year has been one of the most enjoyable to watch that I can remember.

I came into the year thinking we were a shout of winning the comp but changed that view when I saw the Storm / Panthers - we are a year or two off....So this year is a massive success.
Can't keep moving the goal posts..
For some, making the finals meant season. Was a success.
Then top 4 meant season was successful.. (my opinion is this. )
Just because an easier route to a gf has opened in front of us doesn't mean all of a sudden top 4 wasn't good enough and we must make the prelim final..
We will beat the roosters and the next post will say "if we don't make the grand final the season was a failure".. so nah... Top 4 means we were a success, regardless of how we end the finals
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We have had an outstanding year one of my most enjoyable years to date.

If we win this week great we get a free shot at souths next weekend they deserve to make it to the GF. It would be valuable experience playing in front of a huge crowd and the pressure of a preliminary final.

If we lose this week while disappointed we still have gained 2 weeks of finals experience and will hopefully instill the burn and fire into the boys to work harder in the off season and want to be this time next year playing finals in Sydney.

We are a young squad on the up and that's exciting to think about.

The pressure as said before is firmly.on panthers they don't win this year after the last 2 years of pretty injury free club form they will be the bigger disappointment.

So no not a failed season if we lose on Friday but would be very disappointed at what I think is a golden opportunity to play in a preliminary final against souths , its a matter of how much do we want it.
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Start of this season I thought we were a chance of getting into the 8, getting into the top 4 has been a success.

At the end of 2019 I thought 2020 would be a chance to build on the from 2019, no success 2020 was a failure.

This season overall is a big success for the club, from the achievement of the SG Ball team through to the success of the first grade team, going out against a depleted Roosters outfit would be hard to stomach, overall though the club has definitely been a success story for 2021..

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