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Idea for Larrissa or Daniel

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Ryan, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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    Dan, I have been thinking - how could you make an interacting forum more exciting, and get fans from all over the world (Manly fans) more connected with each other (and I'm talking country / NZ / worldwide fans as well)?

    Could you potentially have a Silvertails Team Speak, Mumble or Vent (or another utility)? Or could there be an official one Larrissa?

    Could have various benefits:
    + People would "know" each other more - meaning more respect / accountability
    + Connectivity (our club already connects with fans beautifully. This would just be ANOTHER member benefit)
    + Game-day discussion while listening to games (for those that don't have Fox, but just radio or Internet)
    + A way for officials of the club to discuss things with members / fans (maybe it could be available to members only)
    + If the club felt it important, could they not get the COO, or a player to come on as a guest appearance?

    etc, etc, etc.....

    Imagine how great that would be.

    Another benefit is that if the club used this as a way to interact with members, none of it is "in writing", meaning there is less feeding of the trolls, rumour mongers.

    If you wanted to give access to someone for a one off discussion, could you not charge a nominal fee for that one session?

    You could make all this part of the membership package, so it pays for itself.

    Example: COO David Perry wants to advise members about a very serious situation, and The Manly Daily would like to be involved. That would be fine, but there would be a fee payable for 24 hour "Team Speak" access.

    This would all add to benefits for members and/or additional potential cashflow for the club / Dan, but more importantly - it's new, and I believe innovative (everything starts from somewhere). Maybe this could work?

    I know I'd love to interact with Jatz, Garts, lovefooty, ManlyBacker etc etc etc.....
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    • caspersparks

      caspersparks Member

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      interesting ideas!
      i also think a reddit style AMA (ask me anything) could work well here if players (both past and present) and coaching staff got involved.
    • Ryan

      Ryan Well-Known Member

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      I also thought about fans who sometimes needed a laugh, or someone to chat with who have common interests. Kind of therapeutic if you will.

      Imagine being able to talk Sea Eagles 24/7 with other Manly fans :)
      Awesome !

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