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I have had my rant time to move on.

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by winnyason, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. winnyason

    winnyason Well-Known Member

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    Yes i was the guy who said the racist thing to a dogs fan, i have moved on.
    As a eagles fan we must remeber nothing lasts forever, in the salary cap era. Des played for 3 clubs in his playing career remember he took off with the poos to wests when serdaris took his starting job. Crusher only came to us when killer walked out on the eels.
    Life goes on take the good with the bad REMEMBER we still have a crash hot side for the next 12 months, toovs will be rebuilding no doubt.
    I won't speculate on who stays who gos, one thing is for sure i don't want to give those grubs at belmore des 12 months early des still loves the place but cannot work with the board that is it.
  2. master blaster

    master blaster Well-Known Member

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    your kidding right,Des still loves the place,yea,thats why he is ripping the heart out of it. Des loves only one thing,himself

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