Hopoate MK2 signed

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Fro link said:
As far as I was aware there was still salary limitations on the lower tier comp as well??

Toyota cup has a $250,000 salary cap, which I guess is where he will play next season, also heard that the contract will/is heavily incentive/target based so he may not earn that sort of monies unless he meets all the requierments


byso link said:
Good to see the Hoppas keeping Loyal to the club

No loyalty shown. We had to increase our offer to match the best offer from other clubs.  If we hadn't he would have most likely gone to the highest bidder.

A bit like the NRL loyalty payments dished out during the superleague war.  Money buys loyalty these days.


Winging it
I was talking to Max back at the club after the Sharks game in 2005 and he expressed to those listening that his greatest wish was for one of the Hoppa boys to come through and play in the maroon & white. My money says he gave a great push for this to happen. This is terrific news for the club and supporters. Can't wait.


Hopefully Hoppa and Mrs Hoppa can keep producing a few more junior Hoppa's for the team.

The Hoppa can sit back and earn a good living on commsions from their contracts. 

If he and Tyran Smith can become the managers for all future polynesian footballers they will be rolling in money within the next few years.


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SilentBob link said:
Roosters would have been all over him.

I reckon the Roosters would have been pretty confident of nabbing him seeing as Albert is the last Hopoate who played at a decent level.

I guess it paid off to keep Hoppa in good esteem at the club even after his stupidity in the last few years. I think it's been forgotten that he was a bloody good player though, if his son is half as good he'll be a rep player with the quality of wingers around at the moment.


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Have to agree Will. The club is doing a terrific job atm. We basically started to rebuild after Souths and I think we're the prototype of rebuilding tbh. Souths are the template for failure though, lol.

The Wheel

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I notice on MSE they have said that the contract hasn't been signed and the $$ amounts are nothing like that is in the paper.

I think Hoppa is using his son to drum up business for his management company.  Great news we have or soon will sign him though I think our days for buying blue chips are over - we will be in a continual process of rebuilding from the bottom up


They said that the figures quoted are not accurate.

We may in fact have paid more than $100k for him? 

I know that other clubs were throwing big dollars to sign him and he is the hottest junior player going around at the moment outside the Toyota cup. 


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"Because William is nothing like me," the 1995 Kangaroo says. "He's a lot better player and doesn't have the same hot head. I know there's going to be some comparisons. Pressure. But my time is finished . . . this is all about William."

Thank god for that! I loved Hoppas ability on the feild, but he could do so many dumb things. The final one being his hit on Galloway, just insane.
Good to sign him up though, does he really play fullback? I guess he might change position but I can't see him playing NRL next year.

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There have been good players who turned out in their final year of school. Fitler and Brasher were two that made the step and I am sure others can be quoted. Time will tell how good this Hoppa is!


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Cliffy Gc link said:
[quote author=Matabele link=topic=177676.msg187294#msg187294 date=1213833909]
Finger lickin' good news. 
oi oi
he didnt sign with the evil KFC he signed to be an Eagle Boy mata hahaahahah ;)

As long as he's a good Runner, that's what counts mate.  And we don;t want him playing for the opposition and Dominoting us.


Just saw a quick bit on young Hoppa on Foxsportsnews... basically was the young fella saying "Dad's told me that sport is a business these days and just to follow the money...and Manly came up with the most of it, so yeah..."

Great. Sounds like we've got another Beaver on our books here...hardly.

Still. Can't be too hard on the kid. Hopefully he delivers.


Maybe. Just pisses me off basically what Hoppa Snr is telling him.

Sure footy is a business, we all understand that, but Manly bent over f*cking backwards for Hoppa several times near the end of the career and he simply took advantage of us and f*cked us over. Badly. Bit rich of him to say that sport is all business and no loyalty after how much charity we gave Hoppa at the arse end of his career (poor choice of words...perhaps, but I'm goin to leave it like that).

Chip and Chase

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I can only assume that Hoppa and Tyran have got a silent partner/s with some business smarts, because neither of them strike me as the sharpest tools in the shed. Sure they might now about playing footy, but would you take investment and financial advice from either of them ??

Just seems like a nice way to tap into the lucrative polynesian player market with this quasi-idealogical business plan fronted by a couple of ex players of islander descent. Anyway good luck to them, hopefully they aren't being taken for a ride themselves.


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It took Hoppa about 10 shots at saying he wanted Will not to act like him. I'm glad the guy is good at sport - I think he has two single celled amoeba in his skull that comprise 100% of his brain matter.
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