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Matabele comes out of the Broncos game and says Witt looked the goods in the final 20 minutes and took over from Monaghan. Gives Witt some MOM points for his performance.

Matabele gets howled down for the week - especially by ridgepipe.

9 days later Witt becomes the hero of Brookvale Oval.

Told you so.......................


Kim Jong Dan
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Have to agree, I never doubted Witt had the ability his try was fantastic!

Ran 40 Metres, got hit but shook off the tacklers and bounced straight back onto his feet and fought off another defender to score. He had a great game!


Kim Jong Dan
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go stir em up sonny jim! but I am sure they will laugh at you since they feel one thrashing is enough to make them the best team in the comp even though they are still ****
Ive always backed Witty since Round 1. I like the guy. hes got talent. Hes just very young and in a new side. Its hard for a half in the early rounds.. just ask Monas
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I've backed him too KaZa, he's given Monaghan alot of room just because he's capable of getting the ball and being a competent option. When Willow is in Five Eight, Monas would get howled on. As for Jye, he's just got a knack for taking the wrong option.
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Witt was good today. The long passes from him and Monas are allowing our to change the point of our attack. Several times today they covered more than half of their field and they were pin-point. Both Monas and Witt defended the edge of rucks well today.
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Got to agree there, I wonder if Sue will show her face in here today to give Witt a wrap. :D
UFO Hunter
That try was great. Might I say we also have two of the best defensive halves in the comp. Outstanding tacklers. Monas often reminds me of Toovey with some of his chop down tackles.
Journey Man
We should all jump on board, just like others have with watmough.

Great game by both today, and each have copped their fair shair of bagging
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Witt is getting better, which is promising. This was a game in which someone needed to stand up and he did.

Others who have questioned him, have suggested he cracks under pressure. At 20 that may be harsh but he certainly handled himself well on Sunday and is giving us lots of options with his passing game.

Thing I have liked is that he is starting to run to the line and put the defence in two minds. Kicking and defence - no need to say anything here!
i will show my face and i was very happy with his game.more happy that we won with no props.what i keep having to point out to you blokes is that i am not concerned with matches against the tigers on sunday arvo at brookvale in the long run.my comments should be taken(AS I HAVE POINTED OUT ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS) in the context of what is required to beat the brisbanes,bulldogs,saints and roosters of this world at their best.we must do this to get respect and eventually win a comp.this year we have been tested twice,failed twice.the difference this year being that we show a lot of heart in each and every game.

we play the bulldogs away on sunday.witt faces anasta who i believe is finally reaching his potential.i am not convinced about witt or monaghan in crunch games.niether has a shown much when we step up a class although witt has not had the same opportunities as monaghan.when someone points out a game against the very best in adverse conditions in which they shine my opinion may change.it has not changed yet in any way but believe it or not i want to be proved very very wrong as a more dedicated eagle you will not meet.it is very easy to sit back and wait for a bloke to have a great game (it is round 9).it is a lot harder to sit back and wait for a great game to be played away against quality opposition.call me when the latter occurs.i hope my phone gets rung off the hook.
Journey Man
Fair point sue. However, I believe Witt deserves the opportunity to get to the magical 50 game barrier which many coaches believe to be the beginning of the end of the steep rookie learning curve.

He's 11 or 12 away from that I believe?

That barrier seems to have worked wonders for Watmough in particular. Not Princess though - he continues to go backwards, that is when he's on the field.
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:blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

Fair point Sue, we have to work on our away form whether it is aganst the contenders or pretenders. We still haven't got that "blue chip" in the backline that will win us games when it counts. But Stewart, Witt and co are all young and hopefully will develop that ability especially if we can obtain quality come 30 June.
watmough is a different kettle of fish.as a young bloke he was regarded as the cream of the crop.10 clubs tried to sign him as an 18 year old.blind freddy could see his talent a mile away.unfortunately we could also see that he was not dedicated enough as he himself has admitted.his play is reaching the very elite level now with good guidance.his defence on sunday was nothing short of magnificent.unfortunately i do not see the same potential with witt.i think he may end up being a better than average first grader.just my opinion.the thing about bandwagons is that they invariably end up parked empty on the side of the road.let us resume this conversation next sunday.i hope he rises because if you draw a line through the brisbane and parramatta form it may be a very tough night-although drawing a line through form is worth little these days.if we can get a couple of props on board we might have a chance in this one although the bulldogs are our ultimate bogey side.tonga out is a big plus because tezza looks sooooo slow at the moment.

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