since the present macintyre 8 began i cant think of a single time 8th has got within 10 or 12 of 1st in the sunday semi.brisbane v penrith might have but they were never really in it.i reckon the only real contest for any period of time was sharks v broncos a few years ago but they managed to concede an avalanche in the second half to get beat after leading by about 20 at half time..nice little knockon from the halftime kickoff to start the and i were there classic shark capitulation.

lets hope the last time 1st v 8th was played at parra is not repeated or it could be a very long summer.

still,records were made to be broken.
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The finsihing spots indicate the ability of the teams involved, however when the games kicks off on Sunday it is 17 V 17 players. Finishing spots will mean little, we need to display heaps of passion & guts and if we do we have a reasonable shot at winning
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Agree SDS, Clarke did us a few favours on Saturday night hoepfully we get a few penalities early as well on Sunday
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Is it also the lowest points for a minor premiership after 24 games??

We have to hope that parra under estimate, which i think might happen
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They seem very confident
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If I was Parra I would be very confident. We have hardly set the world on fire since July. All the prophets of doom and gloom have miraculously turned around since last weekend but the chances of us beating them on current form are virtually nil. It will be a massive form reversal and don't forget that they are playing for a week off! I am sure we will turn up with guts and determination but to be honest we are short of class to really challenge a top notch side like Parra!
agree totally.turn up and put in is what is required.if we do that and it is not good enough as seems very likely, then so be long as we leave nothing in the bag re effort i couldnt care less if we get beat.
Clarke did u few favours on Sat night you must be JOKING I thought the game looked rigged we got every penalty and that 10 mins in the bin for them was a joke.... glad we won but it looked like the NRL wanted us in the 8......
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We got total control of the game after 30 minutes by one of the most determined efforts by our blokes right from the kickoff. The Raiders were too busy taking cheap shots, trying to slow the game down and forgot about putting the work in. No way was the game rigged. It was over after 32 mins @ 22-0 and the boys started thinking about next Sunday and remaining injury free.
Were going to get parra just about at their worst which is the luck of the dice.
If we can smash little Smith early on and maybe take away a little confidence then were in with a big shot. Looking forward to BK firing up. hes been awsome all year and cant wait to see him step up in the finals.

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