Have we gone forwards, backwards or just the same this year?

Ron E. Gibbs

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We havent moved forward or backwards.
Yeah, have to agree that this season was pretty much a continuation of the last: largely the same roster with largely the same problems, the biggest one being a complete lack of consistency. We can play well - even brilliantly - at times, but we just don't do it often enough over the course of a season. And we are still prone to disastrous defensive lapses where we will give up two to three tries in the blink of an eye.

For me, it's not fair to judge Seibold or his impact on the club until the end of next season. So let's see what happens in 2024 before we start sharpening the pitchforks.


We havent moved forward or backwards. We have been a 1 man team for ages. No turbo no manly in finals

Agree, we haven't gone forward or backwards.

There needs to be some player changes but also we need to be fitter and a mental change is required.
I can't understand how we can win or be competitive against a top 8 side and a week later get embarrassed by a team fighting it out for the wooden spoon.


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Agree, we haven't gone forward or backwards.

There needs to be some player changes but also we need to be fitter and a mental change is required.
I can't understand how we can win or be competitive against a top 8 side and a week later get embarrassed by a team fighting it out for the wooden spoon.
I think some of our players aren’t as passionate/competitive as they need to be to be a top 8 side.

I also think they need to love to win gritty. Too often they go for the flashy plays instead of the fight.

The positive for this year for me was no capitulation like the last couple of months of last season.…..but I want a hell of a lot more from the team in 2024.


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Well we finished where I thought we would - top half of the bottom eight (just).
One place lower than last season & we did it without making manly look like the rainbow unicorns of the league. Wonder what happened to the jersey Penn promised he would do again this season..

All in all a season to forget. Results driven business..... BS...

A big thank you to the Tigers & the Dogs for being more pathetic than we were.
We havent moved forward or backwards. We have been a 1 man team for ages. No turbo no manly in finals
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double hoops

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Still a long way off competing with the big guys. Loving the grind. Composure under pressure. Repeat sets. Pick a task like a field goal or get the ball back from a short drop out. And we will be close to the worst in the comp. So about the same IMO.


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I will go with a marginal improvement - primarily based on the last 4/5 weeks. I thought we put in real, honest efforts against the Pennies and Warriors and smashed Bulldogs and Tigers to finish. And statistically we won an extra 2 games this year and our F/A was 6 vs -102 LY.

What I liked: Development in Toula, Saab, DCE (yes DCE - he is the best 1/2 in the game at the moment), Ola, Ben T, Sipley & Paseka. Culture seems good and the effort in past few games gives a nice lead into pre-season training. Jacob Arthur seems a handy mid-season pickup. Celebrating the big moments e.g. Jake's 200th, jumper presentations. DCE (again) owning SOO as captain and bringing that form and passion to the Eagles.

What I didn't like: Tom T being injured again. Letting Fifita/Tuitavake leave at the start and replacing them with Woods. Letting the Fainu bros go. Schuster, and somehow resigning him with another big contract. Still pissed we let Foran go for half the salary. Arthur has shown more effort in 2 weeks than Schu has all season which makes you wonder if Schuster had of been dropped 3/4 weeks earlier would we still have been in the hunt for Top 8.

manly al

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Slightly better then last season . Similarly affected with the injury and inconsistency factors but obviously also have finished on a better note and the hope that the injury setbacks can turn for the better .
Plenty of attention on Shu and some of his general shortcomings this season but should be equal concern with Alioia .
On quite serious money , very injury prone and very indifferent form to say the least .
Disappointing also how Zac Fulton did not go to another level this season . Some good signs in his early i st grade appearances last season but for some reason not being able to go on with it
Maybe Matterson can go even better next season , good turn of speed and footy smarts and helps that he has the skills to play as a 6 as well to enhance any 13 role .
Think that is no doubt that a bit more is needed from the 13 attacking input that Jake can provide and as good as his mid field and mainstay defensive input is there .
Equally capable of providing it in a prop role of course also .
Team playing a much better attacking mode and style in the final stages of this season which definitely is a plus and improvement , largely holding their defence together in quite reasonable stead .
Getting or being able to have the best side on the park for the majority of next season is the first necessary requirement to really be able to move forward from the past couple of seasons to say the least

The Indian

I think we've improved a fraction from last year. We've been competitive in most games, we've learned how to compete & grind a bit better & our halfback had his best ever year and is really playing his best most composed football. And all the while we basically got zero from Tom this year. Injuries were pretty bad this year affecting depth.

We are still underperforming for what is a decent roster for mine.

It's only fractional improvement but I am hopeful about next year again. Get a better run with injuries, find another forward with a bit of run and zip in his legs, Tommy stays fit I think we shoot back up again next year and push top 4. But we need some luck.


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The last two games where against the two worst teams in the comp.

When was the last time we beat a top 4 side?
The Eels finished the 2022 Regular Season in 4th position and were runners up for the Grand Final and we beat them in Round 3 this year.

The Storm finished the 2022 Regular Season in 5th position and finished this season in 3rd position and we beat them in Round 7.

The Sharks finished the 2022 Regular Season in 2nd position and we beat them in Round 21 this year.
Imagine if Turbo played a whole season, and Schuster played consistently to his potential and Weekes was the Messiah….

Yeah I know I’m dreamin’

I’ll let myself out! Bye!.

Uk eagle

I'd say slightly forward, though baby steps rather than strides. We need consistency. A couple of more wins and we'd be in the 8, not competing but in the 8 nevertheless. As has been mentioned the younger blokes will be better after another years experience and we seem to have more quality depth which has been a problem. We have competed well in the last few games whilst not always resulting in victories and that's been with a busted team. I'm looking forward to next year and hoping for a better season which should see us at least in the 8

Will on the hill

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The biggest step forward has been team unity. Last year we ended as a team divided. I know Friday was a meaningless win against a team that gave up a long time ago but the smiles, celebrations, sharing tries and all around good vibes has to be a positive for the offseason/next year.

Kiwi Eagle

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Just been listening to the Willie Mason/Justin Horo podcast and would agree with their assessment

A year where it is a bit stagnant and teetering between improvement or declining, but it is a year that the club is better off for, with not going dramatically backwards while also getting Seibolds systems ingrained into them for a year to set up a better run next year

For the record Mason says if Tom stays fit, Manly is comfortably making the 8, and pushing the 4


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Same ol bland Penn sh*t.
Unfortunately ,I don't see us as contenders again ,under their watch.

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Given the awful way last year ended I have little doubt that we have gone forward, and in fact to give the players and coaching staff their due, they have done well to rebuild team cohesion and morale without a major shakeup.

Things I didn't like: 1) our lack of consistency shouted out all year, in fact the last two games were close to our best in that regard (keeping in mind the quality of opposition). There seems to be some aspects of "focus" that the team still needs to learn. 2) Our reliance on Tom if we are to be a real contender got exposed again, and frankly looks to be baked into the team. Obviously every team struggles without its best player, but our gap "with best player" against "without best player" just needs to get smaller. 3) We once again failed to solve our "preferred five-eighth" question, having tried how many (4?) during the year. We have bitten the bullet and opened the chequebook to try and solve that one.

Things I did like: 1) as others have said, DCE's stellar form. What a vintage year. 2) Sipley and Keppie. When our first-choices front rowers all collapsed injured those two guys really responded to a crisis in the best way. I hope it might be the making of them. 3) Olakau'atu, now a genuine 80 minute player who I think may have played every game (?) and he gets my Best Effort And Most Improved. 4) Several of our young guys are really putting their hands up to be permanents: Burbo, GCKT, Matterson, Arthur, I expect not to keep them all but it is great seeing young guys coming through. I have no doubt forgotten a couple more and apologise for same.

Expectations next year: 0% for a premiership whether or not Turbo stays fit, but we have shown enough to say that we should not be satisfied with finishing out of the 8. I'd be happy to win any spot in the 8, personally.


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I’m pissed the NRL didn’t revisit inclusive round and slipped out the back door on the issue. Gutless bunch. It needs a healthy addressing whatever side you fall on.

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