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Robert J Lee is a conspiracy theory nutjob with zero credibility. I had the misfortune of reading some of his crap at the beginning of Covid. I would find it impossible to take this guy seriously in any way. Each to their own, I guess.
Much would be conjecture.

I’ve been saying all along , I’m currently voting NO , but if they inform me exactly how it might look I could change.

But I sure ain’t voting yes just because “ it’s the vibe “.
Yeah, I was talking about people like this person coz he seems pretty sure of himself. And not even I would vote for a vibe.
Imagine if scomo was running this.
He gave 1 billion in contracts to a company with zero staff to run security on an island in the Pacific.

The voice would be costing us 450 trillion in scomo money.
Much would be conjecture.

I’ve been saying all along , I’m currently voting NO , but if they inform me exactly how it might look I could change.

But I sure ain’t voting yes just because “ it’s the vibe “.
The report is publicly available, I have posted here.
The report is publicly available, I have posted here.
Noticed today where a couple of former high profile Liberal staffers , heavy hitters have joined the Yes campaign . Hope that it does not dominate the headlines too much but certainly is going to be some interesting times promoting or opposed to the Voice or final Voice preamble or whatever No public funding for either the yes or no case apparently but public donations a different case . Still have to address plenty of indigenous matters before the referendum date but sure that the good intent and goodwill is there for a sensible and workable initiative , Just have to get the consensus for something that can have broad based appeal across the whole community or society make up

Lol this publication openly endorses hate and disgusting conspiracy theories such as put out by the likes of Alex Jones!!!

I'm sure it's articles are filled with the real truth, and no doubt balanced and sane too.


Cairns News reserves the right to edit material from our numerous contributors in Australia and international correspondents. We are receiving so much copy from contributing writers that we cannot promise to read all of it. This is, so far, an ad-free community media service where all correspondents provide copy in an honorary capacity. We thank our contributors, some of whom are disillusioned reporters for mainstream media. They realise the editorial panels of the major media have become propaganda machines for vested interests and seldom publish unbiased ‘news’ particularly since the US television network CNN broadcast many false news items about President Trump and the Sandy Hook training exercise.
Trump now prohibits these lying networks and some print media from attending his media conferences. Thank you for those White House bulletins that actually present the truth.
Contributors please accept our thanks for your articles and keep publishing them. Harry Palmer contributing editor.

Thanks @SeaEagleRock8 for demonstrating how nonsensical this delusional "news" organisation actually is. It amazes me that anyone on this site could actually take this **** seriously. News Flash - Cairns News is not a bonafide news organisation, and its "journalists" have zero credibility. Anyone capable of doing a Google search can see very quickly what this organisation actually stands for. #altright #conspiracytheorists #whitepower
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