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Pitty its a lye. Orford announced on ABC Radio that he is Hopeful of a decision next week.
no its the truth they are just going to announce it next week but he has made his decision im bloody sick of orford threads so i wouldnt make this up
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I can confirm, spoke with my man last night, he's ours. In other news we are considering an offer for SH from the tigers.
he's already gone to the the tigers champ.the doorman at the leagues club knew that eons ago.hate to be stuck behind you at a red light.
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Ah my apologies I only caught up with my mate over the weekend. Yes Flip Orford is definitely with the Eagles next year.
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Hallelujah........... Now where can we get a decent prop with some go forward, for a cheap price. Do you reckon the footy show makeover can get Stanley Jurd down to playing weight ?
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In other breaking news, King is pursuing the rumour that his paternal grandfather was an illegitimate love child between the pope and a chamber maid.

This will finally allow him to achieve his dream of Test Football, albeit for the Vatican City Paedophiles.
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Sue I will put my neck on the line and say that if I am wrong I will never post here again and will shout all the AE boys a beer at the next game I attend!!
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Maybe he has verbally agreed Manly101 and yet to actully put pen to paper.

We can remember all to well what happened last year.
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Also guys your response to my Moral Dilemma post in General was overwhelming. I have posted the result of the weekend with special thanks to those who offered their advice.
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Clon did well to get a resolution out of that grab bag of advice! Seems like he's made the right one though. :!clap:

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