HAHAHAHAHA - oh god this is precious....

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Your right steve you see I really dont care if ppl call JH names etc......I have a sense of humour and he definately can come across as a Dork!

It's all good Banter unless i'm missing something.

"never take yourself too seriously"
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Fluff's a bit sensitive. Latham is a good role model for what I want to do in life. He was an environmental and public education crusader. He's a hard worker and really, apart from his buffoonery, a really good bloke. A bloke nonetheless. He's been through a tough time. He's survived testicular cancer and now this. Since I know Latham's parliamentary secretary... I do tend to know the details. Latham took after Whitalm, who is the only politician I actually like. He was self-glorifying but he treid to make Australia fair. He was the one who made medicare etc...
Beazley's a fighter... tough bugger he is. Not as nice as Latham in person, a bit gruff, but he's a damn fine leader.

Abbot... well, he's a prig. He is so unpopular with the Libs that he went to the labor christmas party instead, cause they were the only ones nice enough to talk to him!! And man, do I have a story about that! A poor female backbencher (I won't say who) was working late... another pollie called her & told her to go to the chrissie party cause there was someone there she would want to see. She went... was roped into talking to Abbot for 5 hours!
Howard? Met him too. Comes accross as nice,willing to chat... but ask him a question which he can't dodge without being obvious... Oh dear, that was funny. Oh, and Justice Kirby remembers Howard being the swot up the back with no friends.

They all have good & bad persoanl points...

Just some of the names are earnt.


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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Kim Jong Dan
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You will get it mate.

I say it to people all the time. A call byso came up with. Very funny because I often have to use it against him


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of course its ammusing for us both that way
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"ooh you are so big
So absolutely huge
Gosh, we are all impressed down here I can tell you..."
- from Hopium (I couldn't be arsed signing out of Fluff's name)
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I was intrigued by calls of knowing the facts so went to check it out. These figures are in some ways difficult to find as both governments love to hide where the bucks come from.

Allowing for slightly different figures (Feds – 2003, NSW - forecast 2004) this is the picture:

The Federal govt:
Collects Australia wide 185 Billion (185,000 Million).
They get this from:
Individuals 49%
Companies 17%
GST 16%
Excise 11%
Super 3%
Other 4%
It is almost impossible to find out which States they collect it from (I think this is absolutely deliberate) and it would also be slanted by the fact that company tax would be taken as where the Head Office is based.

NSW Govt:
Collects 15.5B from NSW people
They get this from:
Duties 40% - Property transfers, property and mortgage duties, leases, vendor tax
Pay-roll tax 37%
Land tax 10%
Gaming 7%
Other 6%

NSW revenues total 38,651M (incl tax and commonwealth grants of approx. 18,500M, 2,900M from interest and other)
NSW expenses (spend) total 38,088M
Leaving a surplus of 563M

As far as I can tell the ATO collects GST of 10,361M from NSW and the Feds hand back 9.234M. So for every dollar collected we see 89%.

I know the figures don’t quite add up but they are close to what happens. Anyone who has better ones I would be very interested.
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Um... alot of the duties money goes back into the Torrens remunerative fund - where is someone commits fraud and you cannot get your land back - you can claim money.

But yeah MB, that's about right. But that surplus... well, it's not very much considering the size of the state. They could do better with it... but I think they will need as much cash as possible rather soon.

I think that if you look at federal budgets etc - they do actually write down how much each thing will get from the money given back to the states.

Anyways, it's not up to me to explain budget matters...

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