HAHAHAHAHA - oh god this is precious....

Reserve Grader
Um... what I was telling you with funding? Dude, that's a goddamned FACT. The states are dictated to by the federal budget and NSW gets less money per person than the other states.

The NSW libs will also tell you that.

Far out...

I am biased. I admit that. But I will deliver facts plain. What I think is important may not be the same for you. But this is straight procedure. It's maths and accounting, which is not based on a perception. It just exists.

Take it or leave it, you can't argue against it. It just is.
Journey Man
jeez your a funny guy six

a shame you dont give a **** about anyone apart from yourself. You could have made a half decent human being
Reserve Grader
jeez your a funny guy six

a shame you dont give a Sh*t about anyone apart from yourself. You could have made a half decent human being

WOW where did that Come From ? Seems Rather Nasty Seeing as you dont Even Know Me

I Dont Recall Attacking ayone Personally on Here Someone Needs a Hug I think :roll:
UFO Hunter
Jeez fluffy get a hold of that temper mate. No one was having a shot at you, your favoured party nor having personal attacks at you. Play nice.
First Grader
Oh my goodness Fluffy be nice to the new ppl coming into your crusade (I mean debate)

This is what I mean about taking things too far. Just keep on telling yourself that everyone against Latham and Labor are fools.........then you will feel better :wink:

Remember it's just for fun.......Banter thats all it is.
UFO Hunter
It goes without saying byso. Fluffy.... take deep breaths. Now breath out...............
Journey Man
He called Latham a Chump.

I read that the only way possible - that he thinks latham is a chump.

and that isnt losing my temper pffft, you think thats all i got.

Byso not everyone are fools but you are proving there is at least one. Please keep it up - you are giving me and Hopium some fantastic laughs.
UFO Hunter
Seriously mate, calm yourself down. We don't need an fighting. Keep the personal insults to a minimum please. Its all just a bit of fun.
First Grader
Glad to be of service Flufster i'm sure I provide interesing conversation over the dinner table :wink:
First Grader
So what if someone thinks Lathams a Chump...does it really matter?

Do you seriously think he'll go down in the Labor hall of fame a a good leader?
Reserve Grader
No Need To Back me up Guys I meant what i said Latham Is a Chump , You Must have your Head in the Sand , If You think Otherwise , What I dont Understand is why you would fire up over it , Is He a Relative of Yours Fluffy ??? , For the Record I DONT LIKE ANY POLITICIANS . Byso why didnt you get fired up when I called Howard MR Sheen , Some Advice For You Fluffy GROW UP & GET A LIFE !!!
Journey Man
[blockquote Worker"]Fluffy, Hopium, what's on the dinner table tonight. Takeaway KFC or alfalfa and tofu???[/blockquote]

Neither. Sorry to dissapoint

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