Gus Talking Up Monas For Origin Half Now On Nine

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tbh he could not do much worse than Gower or Kimmorley, surely Orford has his first blue jumper.
its a tough game for halves, with little or no training together as a unit. Sometimes better not to play than play.
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If I was given the choice of Monas, Gower or Kimmorley I would go close to picking Monas. I dont rate the other 2 at all.
I'm not trying to stir **** here.. i'm being fair dinkum.

It's not jumping on the back of Monaghan.. it's having a go at orford.. I am very close to giving up on him.

He is ****ting me no end these days... he had a perfect oppurtunity up in townsville while the blues coach was watching up against the QLD halfback and he went to water like the many other times he has for us... how long do you give the bloke??

I'm getting to the stage where I am starting to believe that he can't take us the whole way. I don't know who can.. he is gifted with skills and he hides them all when it matters.

Melbourne have certainly lost nothing in his departure... I'll give him MORE time but it's wearing thin.
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i think in townsville he proved that he shouldnt be back from his injury yet. he isnt fit and didnt take the line on once. He has a few weeks to prove his fitness and grab the jersey, its there for the taking.

If not i think the blues number 7 will cause meltdown on this site, Gus may well be right
If Burns was there, I wonder if he would've played.

Give him a fair go. If we let Monnas go we're relying on him until Groome's ready.
Horses for courses though. That is what Des sould look at for his selections this year. Monaghan for the tight ones, a fully fit Ox for the expansive ones.
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Gould is doing his best to destabilise Manly - again.

He wants our halves in origin so he can ruin Manly's good form???? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Gettin better by the day mata. One might suggest you've had too much time in the sun on kings beach. ;)
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Think about it Flip. Why would he be spruiking a replacement half back (Monaghan) ahead of our starting hallfback who has been knocking on the selection door for some time.

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