Groom to the dogs?

Bang on CW

He would be ****ting on the club that has developed him and going for money, i hope he stays, but won't slash myself if he goes. We could probably get him back in a few years anyway if he is already chasing the coin this early in his career

I like blokes like Ballin, Halden, Cuthbertson etc who are prepared to bide their time and show some character and stick with the club and await their chance
its another Orford in the making.. had him under our books... let him go... someone else got him cheap.. got them a bit of success.. we make big offer when their ready to retire. same old manly.
He hasn't done anything in PL to prove that he is worth big bikkies.
Ive seen plenty of young halves amount to nothing after being hailed as the next messiah. Ie. Witt, Firman, Soward, Joe Williams.
well its a gamble.. usually we dont take gambles.. and we lose out... we were about to release Cuthbo till that game where Gould got hard ons watching him.

Now its almost too late with Tigers throwing big bucks and we would have to sign him higher than we would have back then.

Looking at the dogs forums he agreed terms but not the deal.. so hopefully we match it but i doubt it.

They have a kid called Barba who their expecting big things from as a half and want Groom for number 9. Good move Groomy... i hope if he does sign for them he stays on the bench or moved to hooker.

Stay at Manly and Orford will get shifted and you get your chance.
Would be a shame, if it's true then send him to JB Cup, no point in continuing to develop him.

He'd want to get rid of that myspace before he hits first grade too, Rebecca Wilson will have a field day, especially if he's a Doggie.

That bloke at LU that had all the inside info before has denied it but the Doggies fans are confident with their source, it's a battle of the sources going on.
Confirmed on the bulldogs site. Oh well no use crying over it, time to move on and concentrate on the finals.

Hopefully it won't come back to bite us on the arse, but you can't throw big bickies around to someone who hasn't really shone in PL. The Doggies are still fuming over Thurston in my opinion, hopefully Groom will bail on them as well of he steps up to the mark : )
Groom can go and get ****ed. I will never back a guy like him. Shows a lack of character IMO

May as well throw this is, MSE is still producing some beauties over there, check out this weagle character

In his eyes, Hicks and Robertson are average, But Sam Murphy is a gun :lol:
Sam Murphy couldn't make Les Catalans reserves and he can't even make Belrose's Jim Beam Cup squad - Enuf said

And I agree with your Comments on Groom!!
Yeah, good riddance to him. If he doesn't understand loyalty, we don't want him. Going to the Boozing Bullwogs is a bad career move for a young bloke who already has a question mark over his discipline.
If you were an up and coming half would you rather be coached by Des and Tooves or Steve Folkes? The Dogs have taken quite a few Aussie Schoolboy sorts of late and turned them into average Reserve Graders. Will Groom make it there?
I am sure they can teach him some other things, the Dogs seem to be good at raising players profiles in the media.
a young bloke who already has a question mark over his discipline.


You've lost me. Groomy's a bit of a cleanskin as far as I've heard.

Not trying to be aggressive or anything here, but is there something you've actually heard about him?
big head I'm told. That could be a fatal flaw at Belmore where there seems to be little in the way of sane guidance.
Groom does have a big ego, i have heard it as well.
He obviously found it a dent to his pride to be dropped from PL.
Fair enough. I'll admit I haven't had a lot to do with him, but he's been pretty agreeable the times that I have spoken to him.

Having a big ego is often a crucial criteria to being an elite sportsman unfortunately....
So who is our backup half for 2008?

Considering The Ox was injured for 6 or so weeks we could be up the **** if it happens again next year.
Having a big ego is often a crucial criteria to being an elite sportsman unfortunately....
I think it is a pre-requisite to be a poster (or Admin) on Silvertails too......... :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :naughty:

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