Groom to the dogs?


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check out friends comments from 22/7


sounds about right.. let monas and burns go... might as well let groom go as we have Orford for the next few years even though he is getting on a bit... wouldnt suprise me.


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I heard a similar rumour too. My bet is its spot on


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Guess you cant blame him, he wants a crack at 1st grade and he wont get that here with Orford signed on for the next 2 years.


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So he goes from being behind Lyon/Orford/Ballin



I'd reckon he'd have more chance of opportunity with injuty and rep duties at Manly.


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Why would we keep him when players like Shane Muspratt are available?

We can let the dogs train him up fully and make him a SOO players and then we can buy him back for about $1m per season.

Manly have never looked after their juniors and besides we don't have the money to complete with the Parras and Dogs. Our leagues club barely makes a profit let alone give a decent grant to to the football club.


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A lot of reports have Halden as a better prospect at half.

I'd imagine we're just interested in buying a halfback when Orford leaves.

Give them half a mill and she'll be right seems to be the way.


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True. He'll be demanding a fair wad now, especially with the competition from the cashed up knights and tigers.

Hind sight is wonderful but who on earth thought Jamie Lyon was worth 1/2 Million?


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If groom is going he is keeping it very close to his chest. I just asked one of his best mates and he hadn't heard anything about it,

I hope not he will be great in a few years


The dogs supporters think that Groom is a done deal


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is that the same dogs supporters who wanted monahan a few months back ??

They have such crap halves they Salivate over anyone who has ever worn a number 6 or 7 jumper since birth

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Whilst it would be totally tragic to lose someone like Groom it could be that our club is not going to pay him the big bucks that are on offer elsewhere. At this stage he is a prodigious talent who will hopefully make the big time, but that is yet to be seen. Many young stars have not made the step up - remember that Jye Mullane was a youth international.


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**** him
hes not one of our juniors
hes a bear those ****s know nothing about loyalty dont let the door hit ure arse on the way out sunshine.

Remember what happened to the last Aaron that left us, i think the same will happen-

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