Grand Final 22 Panthers v Eels

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I see is non stop complaining about everything Penrith -

I mean it's understandable because after his 1 whole game for parra, he feels he's part of the inner elite eel circle.

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Could we be seeing the start of a St George like dynasty ???

Yeah I know , departures and injuries can play a big part in success BUT let’s remember this,

They won the GF for the four grades below First Grade AND completely dominated the QLD side in the state championship game.

Obviously their 6/7/9/1 are their keys and of course their 9 leaves for greener pastures in 2023, but you’d imagine they’d have 4 of 5 lining up to replace him.

Passion and hunger is the important thing and that will start to wane with time , but I believe it’s infinitely possible to see them win 3 , 4 or maybe 5 in a row.

Absolutely light years ahead of any other team.
So true Mark, it's a bloody Riff production line of talented youngsters just chugging along as the seasons go by. They are in such a good place, their young elite up coming players will want to play for them even at bargain basement prices. They will just build a team around their spine, even though the spine will cost Penrith half of their cap. Bit like the Storm when they had the big 3, all's Bellyache had to do was find some solider ants to do the hard yakka and then, hey presto we got ourselves a winning combo.


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Parra made such a big deal about it's just another game, normal routines, all players drove themselves to the stadium blah blah have fun. Idiots. It's not just another game. You're lucky if you get 1 shot at it. Make it intense, make it focused, have the squad together all week in camp and to the stadium. They psyched themselves out of it by all the carry on. Be focused, be intense, be nervous. You're there to win a premiership , fu*k having fun. That's for after you win.
And that was the visible difference between the 2 sides, one was insanely focused and the other had no idea.

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Penrith were absolutely dynamic in the first 30 minutes like a relentless machine and the pack absolutely smashed Parramatta in defence. They certainly know how to lift and explode into a game. No other side would have beaten them in that first half.


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As some one who is a accor stadium member out at the game live I think I can give a good report on this game.

Firstly never in my life had I have such good seats to a GF 50 m line right behind players tunnel 15 rows back,I will never get it this good again the day went to quickly.

Note 1 more manly fans with manly gear out there than I would of thought everyone I spotted with manly gear had a story about how the season went down funny comments I got from the parra fans around me , had the last laugh just kept saying 37 or what does 30 +7 equal that shut them up.

Note 2 The GF match was the most boring GF I have been at live for some time. The match was over in the first few minutes from my view point parra were just not matching the Panthers metres early, parra just had no answers and when they kicked on tackle 2 early on to try get Panthers caught off guard they never recovered.

Panthers were clinical and no one was going to beat them last Sunday night. They were also offside most plays but ash didn't care.

Note 3 The most glaring issue and sad realisation was for me watching that game we as a club are so far off the pace even competiting to be top 8 it's scary.

We need a complete rethink as a club or in a year or 2 we will take over the tigers as the biggest laughing stock in the game.

I hate saying this but we are at least 5-10 years away from even being in the conversation again about winning a title.

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Top four eventual sides in particular were able to field virtual or total full strength sides , certainly a prerequisite to give themselves the or a best shot at winning a title . Causes so much less disruption and continuity although the really well drilled sides seem to find a way to compensate if the depth factor is there as well . Got a bit rattled against the Rabbits the previous week but Panthers were in complete control and dominant almost from the get go . and to think that the Eels beat them twice during the regular season . Don 'watch many non Manly games but thought that Dylan Edwards was a much improved player this season and seemed to go to another level in the G F . Very relentless style of play when the Panthers are at their best , not a lot went the Eels way . Would have to assume that salary cap pressures will eventually reduce the Panther"s competitiveness before not too long . And maybe will be not so fortunate with injury issues in future times also .


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I don't think the time slot has much to do with it as plenty are saying. I think a lot of fans are disgruntled to the point that if their team's not playing, they couldn't give a rats.

But on a separate issue. I know that 9 have the exclusive rights to show the game. But why the f*ck is it shown in standard definition ? It's not 1998. Either broadcast in high definition or let Fox show it as well.
I know one thing that end to end camera angle they seem to love, needs to be chucked in the bin.

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