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I note a few insults flying around today. Thought it might be good to start a separate thread of some of the best;

A few I have heard:

"He couldn't run a grog up in a brewery."

"He is depriving a Village somewhere of an idiot!"

I am sure some on here can do a lot better.
Saw a book yesterday of the best sporting insults - british based though.

Had a quick flick, some pearlers
CW - "Couldn't organise a root in a brothel with a fist full of fifties."
Shane Warne told Cullinan in the second series in which they had confronted each other: '"I have been waiting for you for three years!"

Cullinan "Looks like you have spent most of it eating!"
"You couldnt get a chick with a $100 bill hanging out your zipper"
Best one i Heard was One Footy player asked the opposition Player "why he was so fat" ? to which he replied "Everytime I screw your wife she gives me a biscuit"

Also Andrew Johns to Mark Riddell asked him if he wanted any sauce with that

as he carried the football b4 kicking for Goal
On fat jokes I thought Flip's one (I hope it was Flipper) about 'yo momma was so fat she needed a life guard for her cereal bowl' was a fine effort.
Yes, I will take the wrap for that but also point out that i found it whilst surfing the internet on evening. :D
How about from Red Dwarf...

"Lister... you're... a word hasn't been invented yet to describe whatever it is you are, but you are one, and a big one at that."

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