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Poor bugger has been busted for about a month now, ever since tweaking his groin. I think weve only had a handful of games with a non injured fullback all year.

I look forward to seeing him back on the wing next year, fit and ready. Weve missed his speed on the right flank, Tippy toes has been great but lacks the speed to make the most of half chances, that showed last night.

Back on topic, Reuben will get a lot of interest on the market I feel.
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If Garrick was injured last night why was he playing?
Des is notorious for pushing players through injury. Always done it.
Also, when you have to be the last line of defence as often as Garrick had to be last night, you’ve got bigger problems than his fitness to worry about.

Garrick still caught his bombs and chimed into the attack nicely (one dumb pass on halftime wasn’t great). You can get through games with players at 70% health, but the rest of the team have to do their bit too. It’s when you lose, you notice the players that aren’t 100%. It just happened to be Garrick last night.
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If you can have the fullback stationary by running at him ... flat foot him ... there is not a fullback on the planet that at a standing start would get near a runner moving at 10 meters per second going around him ...
Garrick has that hip pointer injury - am sure he is getting needled each game.

Are you sure? Surely Des is not that stupid.

We have two young fullbacks in Koula and Weekes that quite rightly should play ahead of an injured player.
Parker and Ben T are also available to play centre if Garrick is injured.

Or Garrick while an excellent winger is not an arseholes fullback.

Manly and Des have options, however we continue to pick the same safe options and no surprises we get the same result - LOSING
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That's the difficulty hey. Des HATES changing things up unless forced, so we can wish away.

Given that Koula is actually a 19 year old rookie I think Des understandably went conservative with the more experienced Garrick at fullback. And for the most part, Reubs has been pretty good given that even he is the first to admit that he's not a natural #1.

But its fairly obvious that he's carrying an injury that just isn't allowing him to hit his top pace. He got absolutely burned a couple of times last night by players, including Gutherson, that a fully fit Reuben Garrick would normally smoke in a foot race. And that is a problem if our defensive line folds like we did last night because we've got at least 3 games coming up with known speedsters (Lauchie Miller at the Sharks, Xavier Savage at Canberra and Addo-Carr at the Dogs) who could potentially create havoc.

And that's where maybe someone of Koula's pace could be of better use back there. And its not like he's never played fullback. We know he's played plenty there for Blacktown.
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That's the difficulty hey. Des HATES changing things up unless forced, so we can wish away.
Well get rid off des then, don't like saying this but FFS des change thing's change something, there's that many players playing out of position its stuck out like dog's balls that it's not & hasn't been working mate. Yet you've got these same players that are playing out of position already in the run on team shift them in their natural position Garrick wing Koula fullback. Atleast for these last games. Make the change des change the mindset & dynamics in the player's attacking options. It's been dead set lame duck without realising the obvious. Garrick us not a fullback he can't even stay on his feet to save himself. Falling tripping over to keep his momentum flowing he can't do it.
Garrick has grown on me alot, I'm also a big fan of koula. But having koula at fullback last night doesn't win us the game. In fact I reckon it weakens the whole balance of the squad. It's a bit late in the season to be putting Garrick back on the wing and moving players positions around. Tuipulotu hasn't played any NRL in the centres. Potentially could of been done earlier, but I think des is right in persisting with Garrick for the time being
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I will guarantee one thing though. Despite last night's showing, unless he's ruled out with an injury I fully expect to see Reuben Garrick running out in Manly's #1 jumper next Sunday arvo (the Ch.9 FTA game in case you don't get Foxtel or Kayo) against the Titans on the Gold Coast.

In fact, I don't see Des making many changes at all with the possible exception of Schuster in for Foran (I think Des will keep Walker at 14) and maybe another change to the front row and bench rotation. After all, its not like we were belted from start to finish. TBH I think if we had run out the full 80 instead of clocking off somewhere around the hour mark then we probably would have won. It was just that last 20 or so minutes killed us.

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