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Credit where it is due.

Michael Monaghan - If he played like he did TONIGHT, I'd say Orford wouldn't be needed at all next year. He was an actual CAPTAIN tonight. from minute one, before kick off, where he was yelling point blank in one of our players ears with encouragement, to being positive with the referee, to be telling his defenders where to be in the defensive line, to having some AMAZING passes you'd see from Johns, Gower & co. THIS performance my friends by MM, was ALL class. Keep that up, and he will be a very handy addition if selected at 5/8 next year. Before I get beaten down...I'm basing this off TONIGHT'S performance. Give credit where it's due fellas. I don't want to see ONE criticism this week. Let's move forward, and base our thoughts on the recent, because as the saying goes - your only as good as your last game.

Ben Kennedy - Seriously guys - is there more of an inspiration in the game today? From potentially having a SERIOUS neck injury last week, and refusing to be carried off because he was proud of the crowd cheering him on, to absolutely tearing Canberra apart. Take note rest of team "BACK THIS GUY UP - HE CAN DAMNED WELL OFFLOAD".

Brett Stewart - How much further can this guy improve. Seriously guys. We HAVE to acknowledge his age here, and realise the natural skill & pace of the bloke. Tonight though showed me another facet of this champions game - defence. Well done Brett.

Mark Bryant - I know you dropped that ball close to the line, but that aggression you showed after that was intimidating mate. Keep it up, and you'll be a regular 1st grader next year.

Brent Kite - From your 1st run, I knew you were on. Your teeth were gritted, and you meter munched. Your defence was OUTSTANDING.

Daniel Heckenberg. In the past fortnight, you have completely made me look stupid. I think you are an absolute necessity in our team. Bashing runs, bruising defense.

Now the big one:-

Des Hasler - I admit I was questionning your ability quite a lot lately, because I didn't see our losing trend changing. You stated we wouldn't win the comp this year, but you guaranteed we'd make the finals. Although I disagree at times with the process, your projections have come to fruition. I will now publicly state, that I will NOT question your career path again (maybe your decisions though).

But damn guys - we are in the finals. And like I said to Danny, it's de ja vu again of following The Bears who made it quite often, but this time it's different. Manly are a team that can ACTUALLY WIN THEM.

Know what guys - we play Parra next week. In the finals. Although I'd LOVE us to win, and I have also predicted we WILL - and you know I'm often right - I actually don't even care what the result is !!!! I'm walking into work on Monday, with my head held high (as it can be for me anyway). I have a Sea Eagles Pillow & Manly members cap dressing my PC. It is worn with pride this week.


Journey Man
Agreed mate. Apart from Steppa - I can't fault anyone in that team tonight. Dunley had a BLINDER the whole game too !!!


I thought Steppa played quite well. A ridiculous drop early on, but appeared to be noisy and quite good in defence.


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Ryan , I've seen a few positive posts from you in the last few days. Are you feeling OK ??

"Everyone loves a winner "
I expect to see you out at Parra Stadium next Sunday.


I still ait sure about Dessies coaching.
We won tonight on the back of five props bustung their arses against a team that couldn't contain our one half.
I am a huge fan of Des but if we don't start to play a deep V attack, I'm not sure what games he's been watching.
Well done to all the boys tonight especially BK, Monas, Stewy & the props.


Winging it
After such disappointing efforts for so long that was the most dominant and enthusiastic display I have seen from the team for 2 1/2 months. Every one put in and it was like the '96 GF, you never felt at any point that we didn't control the game. :yeah: :yeah: :clap: :clap: :dance:

I watched King with great interest. He played about 20 mins at the beginning of the first half and around 25 minutes at the end of the game. That was his best performance for the whole year. I don't think the stats do him justice as he absolutely threw himself forward and clung on for dear life in the tackles. Des's rotation of the props worked well last night.

I am so stoked. On that type of commitment we have a chance in any game we play. :dance:

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You have got to wonder where that mongrel has been for the last 8 weeks. That first half performance from the forwards is what is required every week, it makes life so much easier. To a man they put in, even King made an impact. Leu Leu was great off the bench and BK was his normal dominant self.

Monas was solid last night, and admittedly his job was made easier by some good go forward and a weight of field position and possession. Well done to him, hope he can keep it going next week.

We probably should have won by more as we got a great ride from Clarke with the penalty count and a huge advantage in possession. The second half lacked the intensity of the first and we let in some soft tries which is worrying. But can't complain as we have secured a spot in the semis.

If we can build on that performance last night we may be a chance against the Eels. We need to come out with the same fire in the belly and KEEP IT GOING for the whole game. Perhaps we should nominate someone for Tezza to rip into during the week so we can get a bit of spite happening. Seemed to work last night, the boys had the angry pills into them (especially Mattai).


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You can't fault Steppa, one mistake he made early on apart from that he was awsome.

Most wingers would have come in on Mogg when he was about to offload, Steppa stayed wide and bundled the guy into touch. One try saved.

Brett Stewart, despite looking a little bit slower than usual, saved three certain tries for the Raiders, and once again continues to amaze me.


I thought Steppa was excellent. Nerves cost him the early error plus his hands were probably numb. it was freezing. I was happy for him that it didnt cost us.

He played well and saved a try with a great tackle. Hes playing well.. hope he signs a new deal soon.


Journey Man
I also felt Steppa had a SERIOS defensive defficiency when Canberra scored out wide. He wasn't even defending in the field of play, and our centre was tackling the widest attacker.

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