Game day thread .. US v Souffs

Feast yer eyes ..
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Happy days ... it's show time for the willbe's, wannabe's and up and comers ...

And remember ... Please be kind ... these young blokes will be going their hardest and doing their best .. not all of them will be NRL SUPERSTARS .. but at the least they have earned respect for having a go.
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Happy days ... it's show time for the willbe's, wannabe's and up and comers ...

And remember ... Please be kind ...
Good luck to all our young Willbe's and Want to be Great NRL Sea eagles tonight

Tonight is their night to become the shining stars that attracts Seibolds eyes

Looking forward to all of our Young stars adding a much needed spark to our Flat 2022 season

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Having a Go is a Key word here
Being organised is the key word I'd say. Especially given the late withdrawal of our halfback.
No risk all our players will have a go.
But it would be great to see the players confidently holding their structure and playing to a simple yet effective plan, such as the Warriors did yesterday.
If we end up looking as ad hoc as the Tigers, though, then my optimism rating will plunge several percentage points...
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Agree my guess we will either be winning the comp or wooden spooners by full time tonight
My guess is that at various stages of the game, we will be doing both. And depending on the posters, we might even be doing both things simultaneously.
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In for the long haul.
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Question for the wise heads, will this team be trained in the same structures as the proper team or will it be a bit of a free for all?
Alternatively, can we get some idea of how we might play as a Seibs team or will we just get overly excited about the skills of a complete unknown?
Whatever it is, I can’t wait!
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South's have a 2nd string side competing also.....this makes for a great opportunity for the obvious Manly blokes in the spotlight fighting for a top 17 spot to get an early advantage.
I really hope for some momentum through the middle to see Gordy create havoc from dummy half and out halves to give some early ball to Fletcher, Ferris and co to show what they got, unlike Tigers who gave poor Feledy a cold on debut.
Expect Fainu, Fifita and Condon to lead from the front with the attitude example set by young Fulton and wanna see this Sykes make big contacts with and without the ball.
Also watch this young Jack in the box fullback Toby, elusive and explosive runner of the footy and will pounce with any half chances....also great value for punters at $3.50 to score s meat pie.....gamble responsibly :wait:

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