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Well its confirmed, 9 in a row at manly even with an under strength team. The game wasnt pretty and the ref was inconsistent with his penalties but most importantly Manly won and it was a great day out with

Ryan, Daniel, Canteen worker and Wheel leading the cheering at the maccas end.

Vicky cheered both teams and may find her self on a ban after cheering a tigers try.

The biggest shock of the day was Jye mullane scoring a hat trick in PL and looking very good in the process.

BK was easily man of the match with Witt, Choc, Beaver, Hicks and stewart in very close contention behind them.

The fill ins also had some great games with Curtis the best of them and Bryant also looking good.

Cleal will definately take a rest on the sidelines for his high shot but played well making one great break.

The team played poorly for much of the game and Witt took it upon himself to lead on the field and had a hand in a number of tries and scored a great solo try,

Donald played well but had a brain explosion when he tried to pass the ball 2 metres out from scoring on the 3rd tackle but played solidly for the rest of the game.

In all Everything was ok, not great but Ok and we passed the test.

Go you Eagles
yeah BK and Beaver.. Watmough... exceptional.

Monas and Witt are clicking now and both are playing excellent footy. Hicks was awesome.

Great stuff from those who came in.. especially Curtis

I missed the PL game.. how did Taylor go?
Taylor played alright but Mullane and Lennon stole the show by far!

Witt was close to man of the match for mine, he definately was more noticable than monas today but in all it was scrappy and only some good attack kept us in the game.

FOr those not there you should note that every try in the first half came off the back of a penalty
That was an outstanding tackle by Watmough
Hopefully Six would be able to show footage of that tackle as well as the tries!

I cant wait, some of the tries sound awesome. Go BK.
What about Monaghan's 30/10, simply outstanding.

I was extremely disappointed about missing the game today, but I had a spy at Brooky having a look at Premier League for me.

Mullane - best game since he's been at Manly is what I heard. Good to hear that we are building some depth.

He wasn't sure who it was, but thinks it was Styles played strong in the pack.

Lennon is a great backup along with Taylor for Stewy, apparently Lennon stole the show along with Mullane, which is great after both have had long winded injuries.

Ashley Alberts - Don't know what everyone else thought, but from what I have heard he played like he had been out for a long time, which he has, so it is expected. Give him a few weeks though, and my spy was bold enough to say that he would be up to the NRL. Pretty quick, and has the ability to beat a man with footwork. Missed a few tackles, but was willing. Missing tackles isn't all that bad after a shoulder recon, you are always on the back foot.

Steve Matai - Excellent performance apparently, and after seeing the NRL game deserves a spot next week. Hill is injury prone, slow and is giving away too many penalties. Stephenson was also found out in defense too many times.The Tigers carved us up on the edges.

IMO, eventually, Matai/Taylor/Alberts should hold 2 spots in the NRL. Just my opinion, but i'm sure many feel the same.

Overall..................good win under pressure with some injuries.

Buy Robbie Farrah, Pat Richards and Matt King.
Agree with Alberts, missed some but he did not go in soft on any tackles which impressed me. looks great on his feet and quick of the mark.

Matai made a great run down the touchline, beat a few defenders at the end of it. Was courtesy of a great Mullane ball.
Garts is right alberts looked good and he also gave the impression that he will be NRL standard soon and will be a very good NRL player. THe wraps on him are true, you can see he is coming off an injury but playing like he is 4 games from breaking NRL.

- Stephenson wasnt found out in defense too much, I would say tezza was targetted more and they tried to turn him a lot. Stephenson made some great tackles.

- Matai had a good game in PL and his time in the NRL has given him the goods to be one of the best in the PL side.

- Mullane, SENSATIONAL. great passes, kicks and support play! Fantastic and playing great football!
Good to hear the boys had another win, I had a bad feeling about that one.

Mullane - wow! Next thing we now & AE will be producing "Jye Mullane Fan Club" T-shirts without tongues in cheeks. Good on him for making an encouraging comeback & putting last year behind him. Playing injury free and in his favoured position is obviously doing wonders for him. :clap: :clap: :clap:
Pl was the Jye Mullane Show today he was fantastic, i say that without hesitation he was very very Good!
I missed PL but reports from my guys is that Alberts had class written on him.

We spoke with him after the game and he pulled up well with no nigles. Said he would need a while to get back his match fitness and was just happy to be back playing. Duff asked him if he reakoned he would make NRL and he answered very PC. I said if he is good enough he would and there was a bit of a glint. Certainly thats his aim,

Hopefully i will make the PL for the dogs to see him.

All 3 guys played well who had to step in and will be better for the experience. Kane Cleal ran really hard - his best game all season i imagine, certtainly better than the 3 ive seen.
Fluffy your reports are rght Alberts looked class and isnt far from ebing a starting centre, Stephonson should be getting a bit worried
Didn't want to go over board, but others opinions have reinforced what I heard.

Not quite danc... !dance: yet but.... !dance: ..... it all sounds good. First game back and he is playing with confidence, him himself said that he is a way off match fitness, his best is in front of him!

1. Stewart
2. Donald
3. Alberts
4. Matai
5. Hicks

!pray: !pray:

IMO Hill was terrible today. Missed tackles, got beaten by pace, made little inroads, gave away penalties and just looked old. I realise he was injured, BUT, he has deadset been injured all year. We thought we had centre problems at the start of the year, so we let in a veteran. Terry himself said he wouldn't want to hold back a youngster, well we have 2 or 3 looking the goods in PL. It is time for Tezz to say his goodbyes and retire. Might be harsh, but it is fairly true. A liability, especially against the better teams that would have taken advantage of his blunders in defense today.

Steppa was alright today, but he just looks heavey on his feet. Matai and Alberts (apparently) are quick and light on their feet, like a centre is supposed to be. I'm sorry but Steppa is a front rower in a centres body.
Steppa had a great game today both in attack and defense

Hill and Randall were worst on field
its not stock standard. The team were better when he wasnt on the field he missed a tackle for the first try and was innefectual. Its fact not stck standard pay out.

Name me a worst player today in the Manly NRL side than, Donald, Hill and Randall?
Bit rough on the first try. Who was meant to be on the inside. Blame Randall for that one, and completely leave out old mate.

I thought Cleal was nothing spectacular, and Randall played better than him, there you go.

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