Finals week 3 ( 2022)

When Eagles are silent Parrots begin to chatter
I know as Manly fans we are supposed to hate the jumper but gee am I glad that Parta won that. A way more entertaining team to watch, extremely gutsy, and the only team that can take Penrith down.

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I will say I hate the scum and will be going For either panthers or south’s in the GF

parra had no ball and should of never been close in that game.

please let them get beat next week, very nervous the refs will gift parra the title next week, they are the fairytale story now.

cowboys had enough good ball to win that game.

all Sydney GF.
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So the first try ends up being the difference! Well done NRL, appointing a so called impartial referee to a game that his family supports and his father played for.

The NRL must sort out the integrity of the game. It is a joke that you can captain challenge almost all decisions yet not be allowed to challenge a pass that is minimum a metre forward!
Fatty called it 6 metres!
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We need to get Para to wear a pride Jersey...
Nah, just get Dessie to coach them for a season or two, they'd go to water and split apart in no time.

Weird seeing a team actually defend a lead against The Cowboys in the second half. I note our capitulation against them was brought up by Vossy.
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Another **** day for our club in 2022. Our arch rivals into the GF, captained by a Manly junior and their best player a former Manly second rower killing it in a position we are lacking. And here we are off coming off 7 losses to finish the year and no positive changes for next year except for hoping an injury prone player can play more than 15 games in a year.

That being said, Parra are a ****ing weak pathetic club and were heavily benefited by Atkins and co tonight, just for a change 🙄
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Okay first try shouldn't have been, but fk me the Cows shot themselves 3 times for certain try's down the right side if they only made the last pass.

Townsend's kick on the 3rd straight into an eels player would have made DCE proud

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