Finals week 2 ( 2022)

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Penrith and Cowboys only thing standing in the way of THE UGLY prospect of a Squeelers Vermin GF 🤮
South’s will want revenge for last years GF

and panthers will play the final at south’s home ground.

still think panthers too strong but you never know
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Gee, watching the replay of that last try, #14 should be embarrassed. I know Finucane missed the tackle, but he had every right to expect #14 to step in and help effect the tackle. He just threw a hand out and touched him without any effort to genuinely get involved.
Let’s all have a chew!
I’m in no way an AFL fan but my neighbour is so I have watched a few games with him in the last few weeks.

Apart from last nights Geelong / Lions game they’ve all been bloody close , tonight’s game 95 / 94.

Our finals games have both been ****.
Both sides awful in that first half. Imo a close game of AFL s$&@! On a close game of league. And I ain’t no afl fan. Watching the Magpies come back tonight was great theatre. In saying that close games in afl (this finals series excluded) seem few and far between.
Got to say, Nein don't miss a chance to shove in a commercial.
Sure, you don't miss any action but it sure ruins the continuity.

Funny that when the ABC simultaneously broadcast the same games, Nein felt no need to shove adds down our throats.
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Was that a couple of Eel's fans disguised as sharkie fans? I couldn't confirm the teeth count.
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Let’s all have a chew!
Hynes having a mare. Fitzys boys out in-straight sets. Felt all year this side has been overrated and their finals performances have reinforced that. Goodbye Cronulla.
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That defensive effort was absolutely pitiful. There is no way bunnies should have scored after that pass hit the ground and the winger had to stop to collect it.
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It’s because he’s actually not that good a 7 imo.
Completely agree. I think he's had a somewhat successful year because his team has played well around him and also because he is somewhat unorthodox for a half, and teams haven't been so well prepared for him. I think if he stays there next season he will be far less impressive.

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