Finals week 2 ( 2022)

I think the two top 4 sides go out in straight sets.

Raiders and Rabbitohs for mine
I expecting Canberra to beat Parramatta. Moses suffered a nasty concussion and his confidence will be down and Edwards and Queen Gutho were MIA last week. Canberra have a big mobile pack and may well give them a touch up.
Sharks to beat a Souths side that may be spent after the brutal clash last week. They will miss Burgess who had the best game I've seen him play for a long time. IMO this one will be close.
I do not know why this finals thread is open . I do not know why Manly people care watching the enemy fight it out to take the winning prize that belongs to us .

It makes me sick to watch finals with out Manly . It is like watching a thief coming into your house and take what belongs to you

I cannot believe that Manly people on this site can be so sadistic

These are the finals that made our Legendary club great

These are the finals that only matter at Manly

Our last finals frontier when we were worthy to live up to our Legendary clubs benchmark of excellence and conquer the NRL world was 2011

when we beat the Cowboys and had the Deserved break in week 2

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Hate to say it but Parra oooooch and Sharks .
Parra i think may even make the final , also think out of them all the only ones that will possibly beat the riff , so i hopefully have this wrong and the Raiders knock them out lol lol lol
How could ANYONE enjoy the slime winning the final
The Rabbitohs have surprisingly accepted a two-game ban for forward Thomas Burgess over his high tackle on Roosters star James Tedesco.

Burgess controversially avoided the sin bin on Sunday night for a swinging arm that ended Tedesco’s game after the Roosters skipper failed his HIA.

I'll be pleased to see the back end of the scumslime and the vermin. But I fear the inevitable ref/bunker clown fiasco to make the opposite happen.
Funny but I think your right , momentum is a huge factor in finals.
I agree Mark, momentum is a huge factor and for that reason (amongst others) I'm tipping the Raiders. The Rabbits played their final on Sunday and will miss Burgess.

In any case, can't stand their opponents, so go the Raiders and Sharkies.
Should be another 2 cracking games. The sole advantage of Manly's absence is that it makes the finals relatively stress-free viewing.
It would be funny to see the Eels lose but whatever, may the best team win blah blah. I think all 4 sides beat Manly this year so I hate them all anyway.

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