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Enough Is Enough

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by eagleray, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. eagleray

    eagleray Member

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    I have been supporting this great club for over 46 years. I don't usually like to post bad things, cause I believe everyone deserves a chance, but today's game was absolutely disgusting. The coaching team, the players and whoever is involved with this great club should hang their heads in shame. Today this mighty club has reached the lowest of lows. The players and staff owe us fans who fork out our hard earned cash an apology and I am very tempted to ask for a refund. I am really speechless after today. Something must be done and done now. Not next near, not next month, but now. The players who don't want to be there just leave, get out, go play somewhere else. We don't want you at this great club. Change has to happen and it has to happen now. Enough is enough.
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    • Killer03

      Killer03 Well-Known Member

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      Apparently in the Serie A (soccer in Italy) the fanaticos (fans of the clubs) come to training and if the team has performed poorly they actually stand there for a certain amount of time and vent their frustrations at the players......then they stop and move on and start supporting them. Now I'm not suggesting we need to go to that level, but reading the books of English Soccer players like Paul Gascoigne and David Platt who played in Italy' they said it really made them realise how their performance affected the fans.

      The fans had the attitude that they would be mocked at work and by friends for their teams inept performance and as such the players should feel the same.
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      • Loobs

        Loobs Scott Fulton’s 5th Cousin Premium Member

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        Theres a Seinfeld episode about this. BOO! HISSSSSS!!!
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        • Harvies elbow

          Harvies elbow I'm a country member....... " Yes we remember " Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          The English and Russians were mildly affected overnight. Wonder how Scott would handle that?
        • king2213

          king2213 Well-Known Member

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          let it all out Ray, thats the way Rayyyyy !

          good on you for venting your frustration ! We are consumers and customers of the Sea Eagles ! Apparently Zorba claims the ' Fans are irrelevant '

          I think its time we organise a million man march ! We all march on the Sea Eagles headquarters !!!!!!And protest by handing in our membership !
        • Mark from Brisbane

          Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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          Welcome Ray!!

          Good to have ST to vent and be understood isn't it??

          Mind you , you weren't alone in venting last night , @king2213 must have started about 15 threads venting!!

          I'm not sure we are rock bottom yet , we are 0/5 to date but we'll be 0/7 by the end of June, and another two losses will see Silvertails explode from anger!!

          Oh well, maybe things will turn sound in July.
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