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Eagles 08'

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by ChuckWood, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. ChuckWood

    ChuckWood Active Member

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    Hello Fellow Manly Fans ,

    This is the 1st opportunity I've had to get on the site since Sunday. Been a very busy few days and still very weary from the after match celebrations. A fantastic effort by the players , officials and not forgetting the supporters.

    Myself and 7 others were seated in section 117 at the northern end of the ground. This was a great place to be seated. Not only were we seated amongst thousands of Manly fans , but we also saw 32 unanswered points in the 2nd half . The scenes at and after fulltime are something I'll never forget. After the presentation and victory lap , we headed out to our pre-arranged maxi taxi and were driven back to Manly Leagues Club. The Club seemed fairly full when we arrived , so we joined a queue of a few hundred people (despite being members and having match tickets) and waited our turn to get into the club. As more and more people arrived , the situation became very chaotic and people were queuing from all angles. Security and police then closed the doors and were telling people to back away. The club should have organised this better and had more staff and security managing the crowds.

    After approx 45 mins of queuing up , we came across a guy we knew who kindly gave us passes to the official sponsors and players function upstairs in the auditorium. We couldn't believe our good fortune and within minutes we were helping ourselves to finger food and enjoying a celebratory lager (and many more to follow). The atmosphere of the room became very lively when Matt Orford and Steve Menzies walked through the middle of the room with the NRL Premiers Trophy followed by the rest of the team. The players were all called to the stage and were presented to the room of people and made speeches. The players then enjoyed some drinks and mingled with the crowd. It was great to see the joy in the players faces and also good to see so many former players in the room including Graham Eadie , Max Krilich , John Gibbs , David Hosking , Ben Kennedy and others. Max Delmege introduced himself to our group and spoke to us for a few minutes. He was overjoyed.

    We left the auditorium just after 1am and ventured downstairs to soak up the atmosphere. There were still many people in the club and people had started gathering below the sports bar in anticipation of the players making an appearance. Shortly after , the players appeared at the top of the stairs/balcony area , and the cheers from the crowd were deafening. Chants of "Maaanly" and "forty - nil" echoed through the club and the players were lapping up the frenzied atmosphere. One by one the players took to the microphone and addressed the crowd. A few of the players tossed their premiers shirts into the crowd before diving from the stairs into the crowd and were crowd surfing through the throng of supporters. Dave Williams was wearing a wolf mask for most of the night and Josh Perry , Choc and Heathy were certainly enjoying themselves.

    All in all , an unforgettable day and night. We left the club just before 4am and purchased a premiers shirt each from the merchandise caravan that will still open on Federal Parade.

    Coudn't make the fan day unfortunately due to work committments , but from the photos and TV coverage of the news , it certainly looked like everyone enjoyed the occasion.

    Myself and some friends have secured a table at the "sold out" Awards night which will take place at The Miramare @ Terrey Hills this Friday October 10. Really looking forward to this evening and is also a great chance to farewell our 4 departing players. I'll try and post a report in the next few days.

    Congrats once again to the Mighty Eagles and well done to all the supporters.
    Looking forward to winning back to back premierships in season 2009.

  2. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member

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    Thanks Chuck it was a great day/night.  My only issue was that I purchased bus ticket from the club with supposed guarranteed entry to the Leagues but like you arrive with the throng and couldn't get close to the door to gain entry (especially when the cops arrive they were not letting anyone in apart from krik Pengilly & Layne Beachley).

    Ended up giving and ctaching a free Taxi home about 10:30.

    Great report, another one from the awards night would be good!
  3. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

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    Kirk was lucky he was with Layne or they wouldn't have known who he is.  They'd have looked at him blankly thinking "you're vaguely familiar" before shutting out horrific images of the video clip for "What you need".

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