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We were building just fine and were playing better than we were without Trbo in the first few games.

Great performance for 73 mins vs Cowboys that came apart very much due to cracks in on-field leadership and individual-resilience. That is out of Des' control. Next week we smashed Melbourne for 75. Then a glimmer of fear entered the player's minds and they caved in like no other side in the comp. We nearly lost the unloseable that night, and players left half-embarrassed and half-laughing it off. After a poor start to the season (and tough in terms of opposition) we gradually stabilised. Cowboys, Storm was our peak, although exposed our underlying issues dramatically. This season was perfectly OK until the wet dragons game. After that the 7 said a big '**** you' to everyone, and we will go on to lose our 7th (ironically) in a row with zero fight. Usually they at least tried, but now they are divided - not because Des.

From here I agree it's Des' responsibility to take control of the situation but up until this point it's just an easy solution to blame him. It's up to Des now to assess the squad, shut-down player-power and boost morale. It's up to Penn to keep an eye on staff and to keep a check on Des. The problem so far with the squad is that they have been 'mentally weak' for years, but have at the same time been capable of playing attractive footy. I'd rather we install some experience, even if they aren't out-and-out stars, and weed out the ones that don't care (some already outed themselves a few weeks ago :wondering:)

Unfortunately our juniors are a little limited so it will have to be a fair balance of recruitment and retention.
Perfectly summarised.On field leadership has been a problem for a while(you can take a guess in which year that was)and that specific issue should be addressed/fixed in the off season
Penn is not a billionaire & Russel Crowe is reported to have a net worth greater than Penn
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Non profitable business? That is the key issue here

NRL cover the salary cap - the lack of investment from the penn family is pretty clear.
I have no doubt they make a tidy profit (worst case break even / managed loss) from the club
Well said mate. They get all the gate takings , merchandise sales, corporate sponsorship, the NRL pay for the players, memberships, leagues club payments less expenses. On top of the 25M profit from the leagues club. Penn has not only raped us of money, but also leveraged the brand for self marketing reasons.
Not sure it gets better regardlesd while we have so many $$$ tied up in dce, Teflon tom, Jake, josh sch, JA, and any money even canteen money is a waste on that 3rd Burbo brother,

Need half's
Need at least 1 quality center
Need frontrowers
Need a hooker
Need depth
Need heart
Need direction
Need a fb that can stay on the field
Need to keep talented juniours

We'd look alot better with Hastings , Cuthbo, Lane, and Marcia's son from the sharks than we do now.
We need you God
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Ron E. Gibbs

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Saw in today’s SMH article on Schuster that Penn flew back to NYC yesterday.
We got ourselves a committed owner right there. Right over there.
Yeah, another tidbit I couldn't quite believe but then thought about for a second and realised makes perfect sense. That's been Penn's pattern over the last few years: pops his head up when there's trouble, opens his mouth and makes said trouble worse, flies away to let it fester.


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I just wonder what someone like Shane Flanagan could to and what players he could potentially attract.

Peter C

We know he had two offers that he rejected I'm sure people would be interested lets not paint Penn as a saint.

He is running the club on the smell of an oily rag he should make his mind up get out of new york and run the club properly or sell it to people interested in it.

Crowe isn't some billionaire yet souths seem to go alight Politis doesn't even own the roosters yet he has turned that joint around.

Remember in the 80's and 90's they were the transit lounge club now they are a powerhouse.

Clubs are going forward and we are going backwards.

Maybe nobody wants the club (doubt it) but we won't know until he puts it up for sale.
The owners of South are, Russell Crowe , multi multi millionaire ,James Packer, multi billionaire and Mike Cannon-Brookes, multi gazillionaire

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17 9 8 -56 24
17 8 9 -91 22
18 8 10 25 20
17 7 10 -90 20
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