Des Hasler


He refuses to drop players, persisting with the same hacks.
The side has barely dominated a full game beyond the odd 20 minute bursts all year.
Defence made a return this year for a while, but defence coaching and patterns are generally the responsibility of the assistant coach, so who knows what input he had in that.
Set plays, what set plays?
His up and down record in Premier League has been mirrored in 1st grade.

He doesn't have the best cattle to work with but everyone else is copping a bagging, it's only fair he gets one too. :lol2:
i think we must give him his 3 years before we pounce IMO.He does seem to give underperformers a lot of chances but i think that is more a reflection of our **** depth.i sometimes wonder if we have too many senior indians down there and no real chief.

blocker,crusher,tooves,bozo,delmege all seem to play a big part.a coach must put his own stamp on the game because in the end the buck stops with him.


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good point.

i am sick of seeing Donalds inept attack and defense....drop him NOW


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cant argue bob,i will however give him only a little remaining benefit of the doubt because i think a team needs good halves which he doesnt have,but in theory i agree


apparantly Max is the "Halves" coach, hence Monaghs poor form but outstanding real estate investments....

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Donald can replaced by Taylor (according to reports) but who do you replace the poor performers with? Hacks who are playing poorly in PL?

There are a few young stars but is it worth wasting them on a disntergrating team at this time of the year. Our club tends to develop them slowly and bring them on when they are ready.


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A few games in first grade before the off season would give cuthbo a good idea of his shortfalls coming into the off season. I cant see any reason not to blood him.

Bryant will be a better player next year after his experiences this year.

Matt Ballin is another who could do with first grade experience so he knows what he is lacking.

we dont need every PL player but he guys there who are seriously thought of as first grade prospects could learn a lot from a few games.


Fluffy has mentioned some guys who could get a run. I think Burns deserves a fair go, none of this hooker **** he was doing the other week.

Stephenson has been the only player to be legitimately dropped this year, if a fully fit side was named today it would be no different to a fully fit side in the first round, except for Alberts. What do the players have to worry about? They know they won't get dropped if they play ****.


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Well said Fluffy Adam would benefit greatly from first grade,Clontagoo said a couple of day's ago Adam was in line for a czall into first grade but got tonsilitis,so he missed out and Bryant got the call.Also J.T. would benefit greatly for the run.As Daniel said drop Donald now..He doesn't deserve anymore chances in first grade.He simply is not upto it.Look at some of the balls he put down on sunday..Matt Ballin would be good coming off the bench,he is young and enthusiastic..But i wouldn't bag Des yet,he desreves our support.


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i agree bob with burns,it would be hard enough making your first grade debut as it is let alone out of position,his defense seemed solid so give the guy ago


to me hasler started really well with good interchange rotation with an average bench. Like the players he seems a bit hesitant and down on confidence. However you are only as good as your cattle and as we know quite a few are letting him down.
Don't blame the coach we ain't got the depth in the backs really.... I admit Donald has been shocking this season...


The coach needs to have some responsibility for the lack of determination and skill being dished up. Surely if good early season form results in him getting a new contract then the current form can be partly attributed to his coaching.

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