Des has to swing the axe !

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The axe has no be dropped on atleast 3 heads this week.No -one turned up to play footy.Des must show the team ,if u dont turn up to play hard ,you are gonna be playing PL.He didnt do it last year & if he doesnt do it now & we lose more games ,it will be his head on the chopping block.I have stated previously that we should show the coach some faith & i want too.But he cannot let the same guys under perform week in /week out .We now have a few guys chomping at the bit for a full time shot & if it is not given soon,the morale of these young guys will be shot..
Here are my first 3 to go -Dunley (Ballin)
-King (Cuthbo/Rose)
-Burns(as above)..


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Something has too.
That was like last season ,we were non existent in attack ,standing flat footed & flat.
no-one went looking for ball (Bell a few times) Defence was crap aswell.
There was no fire in any of the players eyes ,the only time players looked angry was
when they were angry at themselves for f@cking up. He has to drop players this week ,
even if its just to get them thinking & fired up. One game & im thinking of jumping on the
Byso bandwagon..
Cheers for not saying -i told u so !!! -give me 2 weeks ...


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If Burns retains his spot this week it will be a travesty.
Dont get your hopes up with Witt coming back tho.
I think we need consistency in our 6,7,& 9 ,no more swapping back & forths.
Monas ,Orford & Ballin for mine,these guys can all play 80 mins ,keep them together to gel..


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I would like to see how Witt goes at hooker. Burns has nothing imo.
Byso would u try Witt before Ballin ?,
He had no attack last year ,atleast Ballin can attack the line ?.
How did Witt go this weekend ??-he is a better kicker ,but how did he play ??


Ballin needs to come in and i would keep dunley but have him coming off the bench....

Hmmmm king.... I said i would give him a chance and i am still going to... in fairness he was no worse than majority of the players!

The worry for me is kite and dunley in defence.. i'm hoping ballin will fix this problem.... perhaps when dunley comes on to replace ballin he can find a spot in the defensive line a bit wider.


I thought Monoghan was a standout for us... and we need to keep him there with Ox to get a combination happening.. don't touch the halves anymore...

Burns back to PL.... Ballin starting hooker.... dunley to bench..

If he wants to keep burns in the side... put him in hooker to start and sub with dunley!


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Witt is going OK he attempts to be creative during the games, not always comes off. His defence seems to be good though.

I agree there are underlying reasons why Witt wont be given another go soon.

But Witt is better than Burns.

But Monas is our 5/8 option.

So its up to Witt, Burns, Ballin and Dunley to sort out the 2 hooker spots.

Maybe Witt and Ballin, but it wont happen for at least 10 weeks. The way things happen.


I see the best option as ballin/dunley..... if this doesn't work then tinker with ballin/burns.. if that doesn't work try burns/dunley (even though i really think ballin should play) and then if that doesn't work try witt at hooker (i can't see this as an option though) plus i see no reason why mona's should not be the 5/8... I said it before the start of the season and so far (it's only early) my statement is being justified!


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This should be the team lads:-

01. Brett Stewart
02. Paul Stephenson
03. Steven Bell
04. Chris Hicks
05. Michael Robertson
06. Micahel Monaghan
07. Matt Orford
08. Brent Kite
09. Matt Ballin
10. Mark Bryant
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Ben Kennedy

14. Shayne Dunley
15. Kylie Leuluai
16. George Rose
17. Adam Cuthbertson

- Dunley can go back to having impact.
- We have Hookers who play HOOKER
- We have IMPACT off the bench in ALL players
- Monaghan can focus on 5/8, and build combinations
- King will improve in Premier League
- Bryant deserves a starting spot (reward for effort)
- There can be structure to this side
- Centres listed will get balls to wingers more and are more class
- Robertson's speed will assist in Orford kicking game (Steppa only just too slow)
- Structure, structure, structure
- We will have size again on the bench

As for Dunley...was it only me, or did he look unmotivated? As though he was jogging (as upposed to running). My wife hates football, and even she made the comment that we looked slower than all the other teams.


Burns is useless as is Witt.

glad everyones starting to realise Monas is a 5/8 and not a hooker.

Ballin is WAASTED at PL.

I wuldnt drop King to PL though Ryan.. he was decent enough to hold his place.. maybe on the bench though with Cuthbo still in PL.

Id like to see Lulu get a run in the 2nd row.


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I am fairly certain that Parramatta are paying a fair lump of that.

At least 2 changes are warranted. Dunley back to the bench were he has provided some impact with Ballin starting in 9.

Replace Willo on the bench with either Rose or Cuthbo. If Willo should either play it should be for the majority of the game allowing more interchange for the bigger impact players.

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