Des Has to be Kidding - teams V Tigers

The Wheel
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Sea Eagles Team for Tigers Trial
By Manly Sea Eagles

The Sea Eagles have named a full strength team to take on the Tigers at Brookvale Oval this Saturday.

Newcomers Matt Orford, Steve Bell, Michael Robertson, all getting a start in the run on side.

NRL Team: Brett Stewart, Michael Robertson, Steve Bell, Steve Matai, Chris Hicks, Michael Monaghan, Matt Orford, Jason King, Shayne Dunley, Brent Kite, Anthony Watmough, Steve Menzies, Ben Kennedy©
Interchange: J P Cherry, Luke Williamson, Mark Bryant, Kylie Leuluai, Phil Morwood, Paul Stephenson

PREMIER LEAGUE :Mark Lennon, Sean Meaney, Sean Dalton, James Mortimer, Willie Bishop, Michael Witt, Clint Halden, George Rose, Matt Ballin, Adam Cuthbertson, Kane Cleal, Jason Wells, Glenn Stewart

Interchange: Nathan Tutt, Sione Finefeuiaki, Jeff Robson, Mailangi Styles, Conrad Ta’akimoeaka, Brett Fitzpatrick, Jacob Martin, Jim Curtis

JERSEY FLEGG: Rodney Peake, Andrew Everingham, Harry Berryman, Tom Joseph, Tim Mortimer, Sam Key, Aaron Groom, Vic Mauro, Blake Hanlon, Mark Offerdahl, Jon Grieve, Mitchell King, John O’Sullivan

Interchange: Tyrone Shelley, J P Hawach, Trent Rose, Sean Ross, Jesse Shelley, Terry Kelly, Sean Rath, Wayne Boorer,

The Wheel
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How can Morewood & Cherry be in front of Cuthbo & Rose.

Hoepfully it is to get more game time in P/L


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WHAT THE HELL???? Des Hasler is a dead set fruit loop !!!

Steve Matai STILL getting played...WTF????
Shayne Dunley not on bench...Good bye IMPACT....
No Matt Ballin....I guess I wasted my money last week, as trial form means nothing to Des Hasler
No Adam Cuthbertson....I guess I wasted my money last week, as trial form means nothing to Des Hasler
J P Cherry ? Is Des Hasler kidding himself? He was atroucious last weekend !!!
Phil this a joke? Or are you trying to get a rise out of people?

I get it....You want us to lose so that we have to lift.

I told you Hasler is adverse to change the losing formula of last year !!!

I'm totally shocked at that starless studded pack...

Steppa on bench....LoL.....


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What Des Hasler is likely to go with round one:-

01. Kane Cleal
02. Phil Moorwood
03. Scott Fulton makes his long awaited return
04. Terry Hill back from the dead
05. George Rose for some speed
06. Jye Mullan...where is he anyway?
07. Matt Orford
08. Phil Moorwood (Dessy rates the guy - why NOT 2 positions?)
09. J P Cherry - outdoes Ballin etc at Hooker obviously
10. Scott Donald - wants speed, and pays England to get him back as a prop
11. Des Hasler - thinks he can still have a go
12. Sam Harris (Dessy asks Sheens if we can borrow him)
13. Anyone but Dessy's little (mmmmmyyyy pppppppprecioussssssss)


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I will give him the benefit of the doubt regarding Moorwood & JP Cherry. Surely they can not start the NRL season in 1st grade.


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I'd be happy with that starting lineup if Hicks was in the centres and Steppa on the wing, with Cuthbo and Ballin taking Morwood and Cherry's place. Really is quite peculiar those two guys getting picked IMO.


fullstrength in my opinion....

1. Brett Stewart
2. Michael Robertson
3. Steve Bell
4. Chris Hicks
5. Paul Stephenson
6. Michael Monaghan
7. Matt Orford
8. Jason King
9. Matt Ballin
10. Brent Kite
11. Steve Menzies
12. Anthony Watmough
13. Ben Kennedy

14. Mark Bryant
15. Kylie Leuluai
16. Shayne Dunley
17. Adam Cuthberson/Luke Williamson/George Rose


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im taking the literal approach when u say turps BE, as no amount of beer, wine or spirits could have anyone thinking that is our full strength side.

The Gronk

Surely he is just putting some of his top side players in PL to give them game is still a trial after all. No one seriously thinks this will be the 17 to run on in round one do they?


Without seeing the Roosters game, did Robertson really look good enough to push Alberts out of the starting line up ?
And who got sited Monas or Burns ?
I've heard both.


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Apparently Witt is to be our 5/8th but I assume he's still suspended from First Grade and is therefore getting game time in PL?

However, it must be some kind of macabre joke to have Cherry and Deadwood on the bench. Deadwood was disgusting on Saturday - not even PL standard.

Cuthbertson and Ballin in PL???????????????

The only thing I can think is he wants both Dunley and Ballin to get game time, so one of them has to play PL. Perhaps the aim is to look at ALL players before picking the best side for the Raider encounter.


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