DCE is a Freak


Absolutely our standout player this season. Getting better with age ! Glad we have him, and not only does he NOT look like he's slowing down, it's almost like he's speeding up !
I wonder how much could be attributed to the change in coaching staff - either directly or indirectly- or just a coincidence?


He is an utter professional, which is why I can't be too upset with him for eating so much of our cap. If he wasn't a headless chook when our forwards are being overpowered he'd be the best half in the game.


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What I'm enjoying is the change in people's response to him. On the post game thingy on Fox , when he came on, there was a warm applause. People's perspective on him has honestly done a 180.

Even the two headed Qlders have embraced him now.

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I hate to say it but Sticky Ricky was right. Do you all remember after a Manly Raiders game a few years back Ricky was praising DCE to the max. Many on here were riding him hard at the time but Ricky was spot on for once. He's a dead set Manly legend. Keep picking them off Cherry.

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He is playing smarter footy and has put away the trick shots just like he does at origin. The coaching staff have obviously had something to do with that. Having confidence and faith in those around you is key. IMO DCE is in career best form.

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I don’t see any reason at this point why he can’t do a Cliff Lyons and go on until he is 38

Guess the real question at the end of his career will be a polarising one, where does he sit among the all time Manly greats

I think Toovey had the 7 spot when the greatest ever team was named, I think DCE pushes him extremely hard for that spot if not goes past him


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Love him. Much maligned for too long at both rep and club level. Will go down as a QLD SOO and Manly club legend. He epitomises effort.

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He was much maligned in the past and I was one at times, but he's never had a better year for us which is strange to say because I've felt our attack has been a bit off at times this year too. But he's playing so much smarter and just doing the basics and his engine and effort and toughness this year have been next level. Much less hero plays and gambling these days and he's miles better for it. Has the chance to go down as a genuine club great if he can maintain this level for a couple more years. Credit where its due ....Hats off

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The vitriol thrown at him in recent years on this very forum is a disgrace.

If he’s been guilty of anything over the years is busting his gut trying to win every game when his lazy arse fellow players just go through the motions.

I’ve never criticised him in the way many on here have , I hope they are eating their words right now.

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