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DCE 'committed' to Manly!

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by bones, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. bones

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    Written by AAP

    Daly Cherry-Evans has sought to finally quash rumours he is unhappy at Manly, the brilliant halfback claiming he wants to be at the Sea Eagles for the “next seven to 10 years”.

    In a major boost to the Sea Eagles just days out from the grad final against Sydney Roosters, Cherry-Evans said there was no truth to reports he was seeking a move to Brisbane or that he was at odds with the Stewart brothers.

    Rumours began circulating mid-season that the Broncos were targeting Cherry-Evans to be the club’s long-term halfback, but contracted to the club for the next two years at least, the Queensland Origin playmaker said he wasn’t going anywhere.

    And he was hopeful halves partner Kieran Foran would be there long term as well.

    “We’ve made it pretty clear that we enjoy playing our footy together. I think we’ve also made it pretty clear we’d love to be one-club players together for the next seven to 10 years,” Cherry-Evans said.

    “But we’re both smart enough to understand in this day and age with salary cap restrictions that it would be awfully hard to do that.

    “It’s something that we would – if everything falls into place – love to happen.”

    “I’d love to stay here for my whole career and I hope Daly is thinking the same … and I’d love Daly to stay and us be together for the next 10 years,” added Foran.

    And what of the rumours Cherry-Evans and Stewart brothers Glenn and Brett had fallen out with each other?

    “I’ve made it pretty clear to my family and close friends that you don’t have to believe everything you read,” Cherry-Evans said.

    “There’s usually never any merit about the articles that have been written about me going to Brisbane. There’s no direct quotes from me saying I’m going to Brisbane.”

    Cherry-Evans said he never felt the urge to confront the Stewart brothers over the reports, pointing to Manly’s grand final berth as proof of a unified group.
  2. BOZO

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    Good one bones !!!
  3. Frank

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    You're slipping Bones. You could have read it here 3 days ago. :)


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