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Darren Lockyer

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Ryan, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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    Ok, we all know he is the golden boy for the NRL right?
    Well, DNA tests have come back negative for Brett, so they will move onto this scuffle to try and get Brett.

    Anyone remember Darren Lockyer getting in a scuffle with a bouncer at a night club, suggesting he didn't remember what happened because he was too drunk, lied about it, and suggested it wasn't him, then apologized for it after that?

    So Mr Gallop, why Brett, and not Darren?

    A snipet of one of the articles back then:-
    As the team management pointed out, the players were on a "day off" last Saturday when they pulled a raging pub crawl that Amy Winehouse might cringe at. I don't know about other jobs, but if I embarrassed myself or my employer during a binge fest, day off or not, I'd be in deep doo-doo.

    When grainy security footage emerged this week, apparently showing captain Darren Lockyer involved in an altercation with a bar manager, the Broncos came out swinging. It's not him, they declared. And that's hardly a crash tackle - it's more like a "hug". But who cares, because it's not Lockyer.

    But then footage from a different camera came out on Friday, showing someone who looks a hell of a lot like Lockyer... and now the altercation has been deemed harmless.

    Where is the leadership and guidance desperately needed to keep the team from falling apart? When it comes to times of crisis, it's usually a good idea to be a bit humble, admit there's a problem and deal with it. Coming out swinging and blaming the world for your perceived failures doesn't do any good.

  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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    And this one - remember - this was only 6 months ago:-

    The owners of a Brisbane bar at the centre of tackling scandal involving Broncos captain Darren Lockyer have accepted his apology.

    Co-owner of Caxton Street's popular Casablanca bar Serosh Mehta said that the bar had not been contacted by the veteran five-eigth personally, but had agreed to forgive him after learning of his apology via the media today.

    "I think it's very sportsmanlike of him and he's done the right thing, I haven't heard it myself but its what people are telling me and if that is the case let's move on," Mr Mehta said.

    Despite earlier denials, Lockyer today admitted he had tackled Casablanca's manager Terry De Gunten during a drunken night out earlier this month after Mr De Gunten tried to stop a group of Broncos players from taking unopened drinks outside.

    The incident was captured on the venue's security cameras and footage subsequently released to the media.

    "More footage come (sic) out yesterday apparently, which proves that I was the person that made the tackle on the manager there," Lockyer told 4BC radio.

    "If that's the case, my intentions wouldn't, you know, have been intimidating. If I offended anyone, then I apologise."

    Mr Mehta said staff harboured no ill feelings towards Lockyer or the Broncos and he was looking forward to a win in tonight's preliminary finals play-off with the Melbourne Storm tonight.

    "We never meant for it to go as far as it did...we're looking forward to them winning today, we've got the colours out on the footpath, the balloons out there and we're all looking forward to a decisive victory this evening," he said.

    "God forbid they lose and someone blames us for player A, B or C not being able to score."

    Security has been increased at the Caxton Street bar over concerns it may become the target of angry Broncos fans.

    "We're still go to put in all the preventative measures regardless of Darren's latest comment we are still going ahead full speed, we're not leaving anything to chance," Mr Mehta said.

    "The security has been enhanced and other measures have been put into place with the co-operation of the police."

    Mr Mehta said his bar would still welcome football players, as long as they obeyed the rules.

    "We've put any ban on anybody, I'm against blanket bans on anybody, everyone is welcome here...provided they respect the laws of licensing in our venue." he said.

    "Why should they be banned from going out and having a good time?"
  3. Fluffy

    Fluffy Well-Known Member

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  4. Jethro

    Jethro This space is for rent Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    I second the motion.
  5. KaZa

    KaZa Well-Known Member

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    can anyone start a petition. im sure heaps of non manly fans would sign it too.

    He cant control the game.
  6. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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    Double standards, one rule for the team everyone hates, and another for the rest!!

    "Double Demerit points for the NRL"

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