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Journey Man
Here's an interesting article when you consider Manly's situation:

Italian Football superpowers, Inter and AC Milan are threatening to move away from their home ground, the San Siro, and they are seeking to build a new stadium on the edge of the city.

Rossoneri vice-president Adriano Galliani confirmed that they seeking a move away from the San Siro, stating the reason why for this move was: “To compete with the likes of Manchester United and Bayern Munich.�

“At the moment we raise £15 million from playing at the San Siro, Manchester United earn £80 million and Bayern Munich now will receive £35 million from their new stadium.�

“The San Siro has 15 executive boxes, when the modern stadia holds 150. To generate strong returns you need a stadium that meets the demands of sport today.�

Nerazzurri President Giacinto Facchetti also confirmed the move, adding: “We are also thinking of leaving. It's something we've been discussing for a long time.�

Would it be fair to say that Brookvale Oval is one of the worst catered NRL grounds for corporate boxes? And consider teams that have moved from suburban grounds to big stadia.

Yes the fans bemoan the emptiness of playing in big places but the harsh reality is that the money is made from selling product to the suits. And the way this club is headed, it's just about fair enough to say that they're doing everything in their power to alienate that demographic (if our experience as a web-site is any guide).

So enjoy your atmospheric Sunday afternoons kiddies (though there's only atmosphere when Manly is winning). It might just be slowly killing the club.


Journey Man
I'm beginning to think that the Manly I went for is little more than a sad memory, a teenage hiatus that has been replaced by a rotting carcus filled with maggots intent on rendering it to dust.

So my rationale is to give it a kick every now and again to see if it can be resurrected back to that which it once was.

Sadly my hopes fade away .................


I spoke last week to a former first grade Manly player and sadly he said exactly same thing.

The football club needs something like $10m per year to survive. You can only get so much out of spronsors each year and they will struggle to raise such funds without increased financial support from the leagues club.

Without a dramatic overhaul of the club premises this is not going to happen.

So what does Manly do for the club to prosper and compete with the likes of roosters, parra, st george, dogs and Panthers? Merge with another cashed up club like mounties?

The only reason a club like the diggers had to merge was that their management is pathetic and has no idea how to attact people to the club. All they are intersted in is lining their own pockets. I have also heard the same about the leagues club.


UFO Hunter
I like the idea, I don't suggest our club moves, but the renovation would be great.

Perhaps they could put corporate boxes on the hill. Build some sort of structure and have three levels. The Top two could be corporate Box's and the lower level being toilets, canteen ect ect.

But it always comes back to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Very expensive proposal.


Journey Man
Brookvale Oval belongs to Council, not the club.

My wife's uncle lives in Harbord and he confirms what tookey says. The management of Harbord Diggers are incredibly inept and out of touch with community. He goes down there to eat each week but considers it a "donation to charity".

He said that he hadn't darkened the door of the Leagues club in 10 years "because it is a hole" and "the worst establishment on the North Shore" with "nothing going for it."

This is the the demographic that now lives in the Manly Leagues Club area.


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I was speaking with Ryan yesterday and we went over something similar.

The club has to stop relying on sponsorship and members to pay their way. They should look at expanding as a business, move into sports rehab, public speaking, development, sports conditioning and other things, this way they make an income without worryig about the sponsors


Journey Man
Intereesting that tookey says it needs $10m turnover to run an NRL club.

Here's some interesting information from Business Review Weekly:

Broncos turnover $16m.
Broncos profit $100k (you figure out how much is 'spent' then.

Manly turnover $6.5m
Position in NRL for turnover: 15th
I completely agree with you Mata. I don't know much about corporate marketing, but I know that we need strong corporate sales to compete. Brookie doesn't have adequate facilities for corporate boxes which is a major source of revenue for other clubs. This is a long-term problem and needs to be rectified in order to help secure our financial future.


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Oh the drama of it all Mata....we are doomed.....please.

I suppose we should also move to telstra? with the other 4 clubs.

No doubt the club needs to be more pro active in earning money. Somehow this wont happen until we move into the new age!
I could be wrong but wasn't there talk of developing land near the leagues club as an accommodation complex to raise funds or has this idea been knoked on the head


Kim Jong Dan
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yes the council has put dampeners on that though


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Yep our club is being run like the labor State Gov't.

Just sell everything off to get the cash. If they were smart they have a toll to get onto pitwater rd from the leagues club :)


Kim Jong Dan
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they should charge for parking in the car park at brooky to all who arent leagues club members. Every $ counts

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