Cooper Johns


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If he actually had the right mix of DNA from his parents....err sorry his namesakes I would jump at it.

Alas he didn't and Cronk and Johns have to try again.
Jack johns is a better player than Cooper Johns (albeit in the forwards these days)

Zach Fittler is a beast and looks the more likely offspring to make a dent in 1st grade

Red Pill

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Not really excited by this even as a back up. I can’t understand the comparison to Flanagan though. Flanagan would expect way more $ than Johns. Like comparing a expensive sports car with a pissy engine to a Kia Rio

Terry Zarsoff

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If he actually had the right mix of DNA from his parents....err sorry his namesakes I would jump at it.

Alas he didn't and Cronk and Johns have to try again.
I understand that they toyed with naming him Matt Cronk.

There were concerns however that people might confuse him with an ugly woman.

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I have been a made lurker for years now. But comments like this annoy me so badly! They look at signing him as a back up half. sigh
Let it all out mate….. kind of surprised out of all the posts on here this was the one that fired you up the way it it did when comparing to some of the other material on here especially the off season stuff.. 😆



Given his ripe old age, I can understand why we only offered a 1 yr deal.

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I say we have got Cooper in just so we can bring in Humphreys without too much pressure. If Schuster goes down for a long period of time, that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on young Humphreys.
He will get his chance.
Fair enough, I get your point as well.

I’d just hate to lose a young player we’ve been developing because we stick a player with a bit of experience in the side in front of him.

So that’s my point.

double hoops

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He might well just need time, maturity and experience.

If it's a development spot fair enough. He is a local junior who's spread his wings and moved back home.

But it's an issue if it's a top 30 spot for mine. He's looked far from NRL ready at Melbourne.
You can't loose the amount of experience our squad has and replace it with only no names and kids.


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Bloke wouldn’t make most reserve grade sides.

If we need a backup half why don’t we sign PNG’s Kyle Laybutt who has performed again and again for them at international level the past few years.
Would suggest any back up who is proven or decent will want more than more than the min wage. Also they may want an opportunity to play first grade which may not happen with us

Not sure why there is so much heat on this - if it happens it a depth signing to replace the body of foz. In a squad make up they have decided they need a certain no of halves of which he would does not mean he would be first off if there is an injury etc

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