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Jul 15, 2004
Believe it or not I played footy at a reasonable level quite a few years ago. I was lucky enough to play in several very successful teams including one at a state level.

The top teams I played in had the ability to soak up what was dished out by the opposition and then play to the strengths and game plan. I remember playing games where it seemed like we were at war and that the opposition was going to totally overwhelm us, such was the tempo of the game and the pressure we were under.

Pressure does funny things to players, often causing uncharacteristic errors and performances. I found that experience, leadership and ultimately confidence in one's ability helped in these situations.

Composure helped teams to right the ship, get back on track, to withstand the pressure (which not too many teams can keep up indefinitely) and then start to apply pressure onto the opposition.

Composure is a quality that we lacked last night and some players responded by panicking, others tried too hard, some went missing and others went through the motions. Hopefully it will be a lesson to them in the long run.

I was very scared about this game once I read that 8 players felt they deserved Rep selection as attitudes like that reek of players thinking they only had to run on to succeed and victories are only gained over teams like the Broncos through sheer perspiration and guts over 80 mins!

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