Calling all Knobheads LOL

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Kiwi Eagle

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We have been given the marching orders again :D :D :D

You would hope that this guy has been hiiting it hard :drunk: :drunk:
For those who can't open a new tab or browser:

A post on

would all the knobs from ae get out of the real supporters forum and go back to your little renegeade site and slag anyone as much as u like...IF YOU DONT LIKE IT WELL TOUGH THE TRUTH HURTS


hahahahahahah, thats a very funny post. Why do people even bother continuing to breath.
Can you ask him next time you see him champ?

Very amusing really, how could anyone get upset with such a comment? He is a rocker, isnt he?
Can you ask him next time you see him champ?

Very amusing really, how could anyone get upset with such a comment? He is a rocker, isnt he?

he is a penis, that what he is.
I noticed the thread has been deleted, I thought his recruitment drive for the Rockers would of been more appreciated by the Football club! I'm trully puzzled!
who was it out of curiosity??

would also be interested to see if he would be happy to meet the knobheads??
eaglei, is the chap, he goes to all the home games. Not a bad chap face to face. He's never had a bad word to say about AE when I’ve spoken to him.

Fluffy I think you should ask the rockers tomorrow if he could sign your nomination form to join.
lol, but i may not be sitting near them (dont be suprised if you cant hear the chant this week)

the view is ordinary, and it will prob win out tomorrow when i get to the box office
You actually thinking of wasting $5 or whatever it costs? What is it exactly that they do, does it make the game more enjoyable?
Well I get to see wonderful posts like that on ME, I think he's in charge of recruitment :lol: , but i'm really not sure.

I think the money goes toward banners and stuff!

was anyone actually posting there? I havent been to ME for over a week
lol he is somethng of the year with a post like that, thats for sure

But lets not get baited lads. I have barely had time to look at AE let alone ME.

It sounds like anyone going against the grain is instantly labelled an AE person. I dont mind some minds are too small to expand due to the thickness of the skull enclosing it.

Sick of all this sniping debating and crap, its just not worth it and i still have to convince vix an arcade machine is a good idea

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