broncos disaster

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well boys i am still empty in the stomach from the game but i can take two positives out of it.met mata and wheel good blokes and true eagles.secondly i doubt there is a team in the comp that hasnt copped a real flogging this year.lets move on and make the eight which was the goal for the year.
Likewise, it was good to meet the mysterious lads from Queensland. There were positives to be taken from the match a,azingly, but there is also some dead wood that needs to be addressed urgently:


And the following on thin ice:


Best prop in our team and our most effective in the first few sets??

No wonder you coming last in the tipping comp

As for steppa - it was monas and stewart that got caught out more often each - best we drop them as well.
Fluffy, are you Phil Gould? I'm astounded that you can venture to say that King was on the money on Friday. I contend he went missing and let the team down greviously. Worst prop on the field, for both sides.
A few players went missing on Friday night, kicking game was bad, our handling was atroucious, no go forward, Clarke didn't help us much until the 70th minute. At half time I thought we were going to be on the end of a 60 - nil scoreline. So to only get beat 38 to 12 and the fact we won the 2nd half was some small postive.

With the injuiries to King, Kite, Hecks and likely suspension of Kylie we are in deep poo for next week.

It was great to meet Las Vegas, matabele and Sue Ridgepipe just a shame about the result. I even had a few beers with the Rockers, overall not a bad bunch of Eagle supporters as well.

The biggest shock was Sue Ridgepipe, a very quiet, polite and well mannered lady. She really didn't seem anything like the scarastic, acid tongue lady she is on the forum. ;)
pleasure to meet you and mata, wheel.great to meet fellow eagles.the bottom line is that 99% of true eagles want one thing-to win the comp.we just have different ideas on how to get there- we must learn from lessons we received on friday.
To win the comp - you need experience, with the cap in place these days and union offering big bucks for the stars you need to grow as a team and cant just buy a team - see parra.

Having bough a good core this year its a matter of getting time on the field together and gaining the experience (including friday night).

To chop and change the team after every loss will only result in more looses - if there are better players in PL they will force their way into the team, so far this has not been the case and certainly none of the centres look any better than those who have played first grade.

i dont think anyone is talking about changing the team.they have done a good job,particularly in defence. PL does not hold players who are better with the possible exception of stewart.but planning for next season is essential to grow the team.we have a great base but need a couple of class players in key positions and im sure management are looking at that right now.
no doubt thats what management should be doing.i am just trying to not get carried away by one flogging,the eight was the target and we will still make the eight.
Our year could be determined next weekend when the pressure will be on to bounce back while carrying injuries and players backing up from the rep game. Thank god it is at Brookie where we will at leat have a reasonable chance of a win.
One word can sum up Friday night. PRESSURE. We crumbled under it.

Pressure from weight of expectation. Pressure of playing away from home. Pressure from media exposure of motivational faxes. Pressure from being top of the table. Pressure from playing the Broncos. Pressure from lack of ball and lack of field position. Take your pick..... we didn't handle it.

We started in neutral, and soon found reverse. Same thing happened against the Dragons. Des should sit our pack down and make them watch Shane Webcke's performance on endless loop. If you want to be taken seriously in this comp, you've got to stand up like Webcke did on Friday. He set the paltform and the class of Lockyer, Berrigan, and McGuire capitalised.

Notice how we played better in the latter stages of the game when it was all over and the "pressure" was off. We had 17 guys who were overawed and were given a football lesson. Our front row was powderpuff and across the board we were ordinary (save for Watmough who was probably our best and put in). Thankfully the Broncos eased off, otherwise it could have been 50 if the had been in a killer mood.

On that performance we would struggle to make the 8. That was the biggest test to date and we failed miserably. There would have been no shame in losing to the Broncos, but that performance on Friday was inept. The true test is to see what we learn from it and how we bounce back. We have a team that has more ability and potential than was displayed at Suncorp, but they must become masters of their own on field destiny.
Great post C & C. Couldn't agree more!

Makes Dessy letter from last Thursday seem a bit of a failure! (Not Des but their response.)

I was worried when I read that 8 players were expecting to get picked in rep sides etc as if it was owed to them.

Big games don't get given to you. You have to go out and take them, or die in the process of wrestling for the result you want.

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