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That's a very impressive reserve grade team, no wooden spoon here you would have to think.
We often look good on paper.

And then never go close to putting anything like the same team on the park two weeks in a row.

The team that starts Ressies in Rd 1 and the team that finishes at the end of the year, can be like an entire new 17.


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Great post firstly.
A funny thing in rugby league is many supporters are all about "I only follow the Top grade", but I personally feel the importance of the reserve grade is massively underestimated in it's importance.
I mean these are the blokes who should be snapping at the heels of the NRL players to take their spot adding competition, which in turn creates increased desperation and effort which surely helps results across the board.
In reality, the only difference between many reserve grade and Qld Cup players is the off field disciplines and effort, as many are talented enough to play top which a sniff of opportunity it gives these blokes motivation to take that next step and has the NRL blokes looking over the shoulder, which is healthy in both cases.
I reckon there's a lot to yours and @Jay Eagle 's posts coz the environment between Brookie and way out where the Blacktown boys play is so stark. And I don't mean that to sound like I'm having a go at Blacktown. I'm simply talking from experience having grown up SW Suburbs and I have friends I still see out Blacktown way. It's just so far away. I'm simply saying, the more all of these blokes can actually be around each other the better. On those rare occasions I get to see the Blacktown blokes play before the 1st Grade at Brookie, the vibe is definitely ...... subdued. And the last couple of years have been poor. Defence in particular looks second rate. You can see the difference with individuals when they get their chance in 1st Grade. They lift (mostly) with the more disciplined players around them. I'm sure the coach focusses on defence and I don't know really but if they were exposed to that higher level of intensity required of the 1st Grade squad more often, that can only be a good thing.


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Im hoping that every NRL squad player that is available but not in the game day 19 or injured is playing in the reggies EVERY WEEK, NOT just for match fitness but for a "team" mentality of NEXT MAN UP approach and they will be up and ready for an NRL call up if needed, and also so that the BWSE win the comp and put a bit of pride in wearing the sea Eagles logo.

For example
1- Toby
2- Veaga
3- Myers
4- Harper
5- Parker
6- Johns
7- Humphries
8- Tuitavaike
9- Roach
10- Fifita
11- S Fainu
12- Condon
13- Fulton
14- Matterson
15- Boyle
16- Diaz
17- Stuckey
18- Sykes
We will never see this team play for BW. Before a game has been played we have six out injured. Then 19 to be named in the first grade squad leaving 5 to possibly play for BW next week.
Think you can delete Harper, Parker, Johns, Humphries, Fifita, Boyle, Tuitavaike and either Fulton or Fainu from that list.


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Bit of a dark horse recruit in the squad.
Utoikamanu I am almost certain is the elder brother of the tigers Stefano,he had an horrific injury a few years back where he broke his neck and had the artery blood supply cut off.
Supposedly he was never going to play again but made a comeback with Wentworthville in 2021 and won rookie of the year and continued playing last year.
Been out of the game a couple of years but was rated the more talented of the 2 brothers.
Longshot,but hope he can continue developing,played with Keppie in the Eels junior sides.


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Those great Manly debutants Alfred Smalley, Pio Seci and James Segeyaro have moved on ? That's a lot of NRL level experience Blacktown have lost there


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Team for March 4th ..

Sea Eagles team​

1 Clayton Faulalo

2 Jackson Ferris

3 Fletcher Myers

4 Brad Abbey

5 Ryan Garner

6 Dean Matterson

7 Troy Dargan

8 Morgan Boyle

9 Nathaniel Roache

10 Austin Dias

11 Samuela Fainu

12 Josh Stuckey

13 Zac Fulton


14 Karl Lawton

15 Jacob Sykes

16 Robert Mafi

17 Joey Tramontana

Concussion Sub

18 Jordan Main


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Lot of players selected for Blacktown could end up making an appearance this year in NRL.
S Fainu

Plus there are several listed as this weeks NRL reserves, not to mention Fifita who might have got an NRL bench spot if fit.

That is a fair incentive for a competitive Blacktown side this year.

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Jackson Ferris on the wing is an interesting one, maybe the coaching staff see his chance of first grade is on the wing.

Came through as a centre at the Sharks, had a bad run of injuries there that prevented him from playing more first grade.

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