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What I REALLY want from this side is a game list "every week" with players who can potentially push for an NRL spot, just like this R1 team....
Recent seasons there have been some weeks we have 4 - 5 top graders and beat anyone, then for mysterious reasons the next week it's all no names, who will never dent the NRL and get flogged by 50 pts ??
The idea of a "Reserve grade" team should be to have potential players who are ripping and tearing every week to get spotted by the NRL coaches and push for an NRL gig, keeping the Top team hungry and not just going through the motions, knowing even if playing half hearted and lazy, will still retain a spot in 1st grade regardless.....which unfortunately I have seen in recent seasons.
It would get to Tueday afternoon and you would find the same names who you thought were zero chance of holding down their NRL jersey based on last weeks performance, yet they did ???
Well that's a kick in the guts to the blokes who are busting for an opportunity below them, but not always a suprise considering those blokes were not playing NSW cup the week before to stake their claim ??
I was thinking half the Manly Top 30 players were on holidays in 2021 and 2022, because they wern't at Blacktown playing and a few of the top grader "Had to be replaced"
Another positive Vibe I get from the NEW coaching staff, they WILL give blokes a go to replace underperforming players and we got a heap of hungry youngsters just craving for an opportunity !!

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Team for March 4th ..

Sea Eagles team​

1 Clayton Faulalo

2 Jackson Ferris

3 Fletcher Myers

4 Brad Abbey

5 Ryan Garner

6 Dean Matterson

7 Troy Dargan

8 Morgan Boyle

9 Nathaniel Roache

10 Austin Dias

11 Samuela Fainu

12 Josh Stuckey

13 Zac Fulton


14 Karl Lawton

15 Jacob Sykes

16 Robert Mafi

17 Joey Tramontana

Concussion Sub

18 Jordan Main
This is Awesome, well done to the coaching staff and club manqgement.this is exactly what i was talking about.. one team mentality.. get our top 30 NRL players who are fit to go but not playing first grade to play NSW win all around..players get mqtch fit, next player up mentality and BWSE are competitive...
I definitely will be watching BWSE with interest now..
Go Manly...


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I wonder what Ryan will be doing tonight? counting his match payment while his team needs him?

Unbelievable ... do we know if Parra are actually paying him for the 3 games ? ... FMD I would be filthy if I was the Parra CEO ....


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Aloiai's on big money, 600k I think, wouldn't look good if that happened. Aloiai will be given every opportunity in the meantime.
Lol,I don't give a **** how it looks,I was giving my opinion on his ability .....
If Siebold is picking players based on their salary then his tenure as coach may be short lived,not having a go at you mate.

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Lol,I don't give a **** how it looks,I was giving my opinion on his ability .....
If Siebold is picking players based on their salary then his tenure as coach may be short lived,not having a go at you mate.
that's ok, just being a realist, we are talking about Boyle right. While Aloiai deservedly cops flack on here with the off field stuff and what not. But when fully fit he's are pack leader and go to man when taking on the line. Last year Boyle had the one game against Easts, played well then got injured again then never sighted after that.


Feast yer eyes ..
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Getting excited to watch .... S. Fainu, Zac Fulton, Lawton, Nathanial Roache, Morgan (Lazarus) Boyle, Austin Diaz, Myers , Stuckey, Sykes , Matterson ... and young Ferris along with others ..

Bulldogs I think were GF's last year so a strong squad ...

GO you Blacktown Sea Eagles! .. put pressure on the 17 ...

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