Big test this week

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This week against Brisbane in Brisbane looms to be the Eagles biggest test thus far this season.
WARRIORS: good win- surprised many, especially away from home.
CRONULLA: Good win at Brookie especially down a man.
STORM: Best win of the season- against quality opposition but still at home.
DRAGONS: in a funny way probably good to lose one to keep everyones feet on the ground. Dragons have a quality side and were due to fire. This doesn't make this loss a good thing but easier to deal with.
RAIDERS: got off to a good start like us but at Brookie with our firepower we blew them off the park. I don't rate Canberra and my prediction is for them to fall in a heap this season.
RABBITS: A run of poor form from the bunnies, no Heggarty, Ben Walker straight from the pub (slight exaggeration but you get the drift), loss of Adam 'BALCO' MacDougall = not too big a test for the Eagles. Don't get me wrong a big win and stuck to a good game plan which basically never allowed Souths into the game but in all honesty they weren't much opposition on the day and that's a fact.

This week is test for the team.With our form thus far I am confident about this season and with the personel we have both on and off the field BUT if these last few seasons have taught us anything that is not to get too carried away with things.....something about counting chickens before they hatch- I think we have a little bit of growing to do yet before we hatch- imparticular our baby eagle backs.

I hope we give it to Broncos this week but I am wary of them.

I agree with Matabele in regards to Jason King, granted he hasn't had much game time recently but even when he has he hasn't been that impressive. He has been touted for a while as a State of Origin prop but at present the only thing I can see he has is size- and not being the 80s anymore he is going to need more than that.
I'm Manly through and through and I hope (sometimes pray :roll: ) that King gets going- if he does I will happily eat my words.
As far as some of you fair weather posters who like to come on and have a go at posters for posting their thoughts instead of putting a constructive arguement back to give your point well I think the whole point of a forum is lost on you.
Mata seems to be the main target for some of these lame arsed retorts with very little substance to them.
If you don't agree with something why not give your opinion instead of having a go at someone for simply putting their case forward. I'm sure that Matabele doesn't mind copping it but all the same it's getting a bit tiresome.


That wasn't aimed at you Fluffy (I think you are a bit pased being a fair weather poster)- Not that you take the piss all the time but it was more shewed at those who take themselves a bit too seriously and can't accept some people have different views minus the rose coloured glasses.

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Good analysis PJ and I agree with your view of the season.

Fluffy and a few others predicted at the start of the season we would be in this position if we were the real deal. It is now that we need to stand up against the more quality opposition.

(Not saying that Sharks, Melbourne etc are the real deal.)

Agree with what you say about forums too. Discuss, argue, make your point and even maturely agree to disagree, no need to resort to the other stuff.


UFO Hunter
Very true PJ. Just too add that winning a friday night game against the broncos will be another positive for the club. I don't know a RL fan who doesn't watch friday night footie with a slight interest and for our boys to trounce the Boncos would be fabulous.


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Clearly this is the game that we must make an impression, not only on the supporters but to Rugby League fans in general, particulary as it is the Friday Nite game that is watched by most RL fans.

There will be many RL fans that will be thinking Manly are only leading on false pretences and are not a geniune premiership, let alone top 4 contender.

For me at the start of the year I would been satisfied with a Top 8 finish. I have now raised my expectations to a Top 4 finish. To finish 1st is beyond my expectations.

For us to be considered a geniune top 4 side this will be the game that we must at least be compitiive with the Bronco's. Anything less and much of our early season form will be seen as a "flash in the pan". The loss against the Dragons was a concern for me, not so much that we lost, but the manner in which we lost. I saw to much of our 2004 & 2003 form in that game. Whilst we may have exorcised many of our demons from the past few years the Dragons game showed that those demons are still lurking at the bottom of the cupboard.

This is the match in which we can finally complete the excorcism of the past few years.


True Flipper- Friday night games seem to be the ones most can watch (be it on a bar stool or couch at home).
I have been sprouting the Eagles form at the pub and it will take a solid performance on Friday to earn the respect of the punters. Most will always come up with an excuse as to why we are going so well (ie. lack of quality opposition apart from the Storm thus far) so a win away against a classy Broncos side will do alot to silence those critics.


King is important in this game. Broncos have an excellent forward pack and Kingy will need to step up and i think he will.

Tezza needs to play as does BK. We need experience for this game.

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A win against the Broncos up there will convince me that a top 6 finish is not only conceivable but probable. A win under lights against an in form team with a huge crowd behind them would be a huge achievement for the boys.

If they maintain the patience, commitment, organisation and pain in defence they will acquit themselves well. Good sound defence seems to have the added benefit of steadying the team in attack as well.

Stuey Davis’s Socks

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If Tezza is even 80-90% fit, he has to play this weekend. This is a pivotal game for us this year. Its the sort of game against class opposition where he's in his element and lifts the whole team.

Come on Tezza - get inspirational!!!


Kim Jong Dan
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it worries me that a 19 man squad has been named that tells me that both kennedy and Hill are in doubt. if not perhaps hicks or stewy are
Team P W L PD Pts
10 9 1 124 20
11 8 3 75 18
10 7 3 70 16
10 7 3 69 16
11 7 4 59 14
11 6 5 -9 14
10 6 4 -10 14
12 6 5 36 13
11 6 5 107 12
11 5 6 47 12
12 6 6 2 12
11 5 6 -88 12
11 4 6 -7 9
10 3 7 -103 8
10 2 8 -91 6
11 2 9 -95 6
10 1 9 -186 4
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