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I have an inkling of what it might be. If I'm right you will all be pleased in a monetary way but it won't have a huge effect on our on-field fortunes.

In short, it is good news but don't lose sleep over it.


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By Manly Sea Eagles

With the help of Energy Australia the Manly Sea Eagles will be going green for the 2007 NRL premiership. And to mark the partnership, Manly will play the Melbourne Storm in an official trial at Quad Park at Caloundra next Saturday night in green jerseys.

The trial will announce the start of Manly's support to highlight the use of renewable energy as a gesture to make a positive step to tackle climate change. As a result Energy Australia has agreed to match the electricity used at Brookvale Oval on game days this season with renewable energy.

This means that for every kilowatt of electricity used at Brookvale Oval, Energy Australia will agree to purchase the same amount of electricity from a renewable energy project accredited under the Green Power scheme.

Manly captain Matt Orford welcomed the association.

"If we can help highlight the benefits of Green Power then it is advantageous for the entire community. The Manly team is honoured to be involved in such a positive initiative - anything that helps to reduce the ground's greenhouse impact is a winner,” Orford said.

Energy Australia estimates that the greenhouse impact of powering up Brookvale Oval for 11 home games with coal fired power would be the same as driving to Queensland and back 375 times.

While Brookie going green doesn't affect the electricity that will flow through the wires to the ground it will help by supporting renewable energy projects. Sea Eagles veteran forward Steve Menzies and star new buy Jamie Lyon fully supported the club's move to go green.

"It's great that such giant Australian companies like Energy Australia are forming partnerships with clubs like Manly to press home the vital message of GreenPower," Menzies said.

Lyon ironically will make his long awaited debut for Manly in a green jersey against last year's grand finalists.

"There's a trivia question for a few years down the track,” Lyon said.

Energy Australia Retail General Manager Tim O'Grady said: “The Sea Eagles are taking practical steps to tackle climate change head on. Together with Energy Australia they are helping to drive new investment in renewable energy - and this is one of the most important ways of helping climate change.

"The Sea Eagles should be congratulated for taking this step - but also for going that extra yard and switching to green jerseys to encourage others to take the step to GreenPower," Mr.O'Grady said.

To celebrate this new partnership the Sea Eagles Website will be green for a day.

DVS Matt

i quite like it. They are selling the 1st 3 jerseys for $1,000 to footy club members.

I would buy one, but not for that much. My limit would be $200

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