Bears want back into the NRL

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So happy to just pack up and walk away from Central Coast, after wanting loyalty from them for years. Just go away
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When we changed from NE to Manly again, as I remember, their was only one North Syd player that stayed on, Hooker, Jamie Goddard.... now this was a tough guy, it didn't take much for him to start swingin !!
Let them in. Then cull.

Have a Squid Game season to decide the 12 teams that survive.

NRL bosses, you’re welcome.
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My understanding is that Newtown, University and Glebe are looking to merge and put in a bid to become the 19th team.

The local council are onboard and have committed to rectangularising Henson Park and turning it into a 20,000 all-seater stadium.
Would rather go to henson park and drink VB cans than watch a game in the sterile stadium Australia
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Would have to think that the Bears lost their opportunity to be a fully fledged N R L club when the Gosford option - relocation did not eventuate .Not too sure if it would have been a successful outcome in any case with a fair portion of the Gosford locals not keen on having an outside or predominately outside identity . At least one good outcome with the original proposed move with a i st class League and sporting venue , ground being built at Gosford . Nth Sydney were the feeder club for Souths [might be another club now ] so still a N R L connection of sorts . Newtown are associated with the Roosters now i think after previously being with the Sharks . No doubt that could have been Manly "s fate , just being a feeder club if not for some very committed club members and officials and some financially generous individuals
souffs showed them the way back into the comp. legal challenge that criteria NRL set was illegal. why they didnt use some of the coin they kept bragging about to
mount a legal challenge after the precedent has been set
pay there players

love the history , have nothing against norths but the horse has bolted. they were asleep at the wheel and are lost to the game forever

there supporter base was there trump card and its been that long that no one remembers them anymore. they bring nothing to the table but 6 journeyman and a guaranteed 2 points for the broncos
Team P W L PD Pts
24 21 3 499 44
24 21 3 390 44
24 20 4 322 42
24 16 8 252 34
24 16 8 141 34
24 15 9 109 32
24 12 12 -143 26
24 10 14 -3 22
24 10 14 -36 22
24 10 14 -97 22
24 8 16 -142 18
24 8 16 -171 18
24 8 16 -214 18
24 7 17 -249 16
24 7 17 -288 16
24 3 21 -370 8
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