Ballin to finally get a run this week?

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With Mattai an almost certain non starter this week it should mean that burns will play 5/8 and Lyon centre.

This leaves a gap on the bench and if dessie is consistent then he will have a hooker on the bench which surely neans that ballin will finally get a go in firsts next weeK?


Journey Man
Guys - I thought Monaghan showed his value as an 80 minute Hooker on the weekend. In tough conditions as well. I'd almost keep Willow on the bench "in case" Monaghan gets injured. That would mean we'd have a much bigger bench. I also only think Matai will be the only absentee...

01. Brett Stewart
02. Michael Robertson
03. Jamie Lyon
04. Steven Bell
05. Chris Hicks
06. Travis Burns
07. Matt Orford
08. Jason King
09. Michael Monaghan
10. Brent Kite
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Glenn Stewart

14. Luke Williamson
15. George Rose
16. Mark Bryant
17. Glenn Hall

The Wheel
Premium Member
By all reports Ballin had a good game in P/L - surely he will get his chance soon.

To be honest Willo has to start the game or be in P/L - he gives nothing off the bench.


First Grader
Premium Member
i fear that Dunley will get the call up.....................if it happens im gonna be peeved


Journey Man
Don't hold your breath. Conservative Dessie will surely go for Dunley over Ballin.

Ryan, what drugs are you on to say Monaghan is "value" for 80 minutes. He so diabolically stuffed up our attack on Saturday I thought even blind freddie could have seen it.


First Grader
Matabelle, Willo went well on Saturday. 34 tackles and he caught and kicked the ball even. Plus a try. Better he start than off the bench for sure. If Dunley gets a run then I figure we'll lose at Leichhardt. He's a complete tool, crabs sideways, misses tackles and gives away penalties. Why is it that Dessie can't see this? . It's a bonus that Matai is not in the side, his defensive lapses are diabolical. Marshall would have a field day down his side.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Monaghan did some good things but the passes behind first receiver did slow down the attack at times and caused a few dropped balls. A few scoots were good and he was solid in defence. It is good ball to Orford that worries me!


Journey Man
If Orford is out I would have Burns at half, Lyons at 5/8th, Bani or Meaney on the wing and Hicks in the Centres. Ballin at hooker, no Monaghan ANYWHERE!!!!!


[quote author=Matabele]
If Orford is out I would have Burns at half, Lyons at 5/8th, Bani or Meaney on the wing and Hicks in the Centres. Ballin at hooker, no Monaghan ANYWHERE!!!!!

Agreed as well , as long as Lyon is suitable for 5/8. He is a class centre but if he can cut it as a 5/8 i would be happy to have Burnsy at 1/2. We cant afford to let this guy go looking else where next year.


Journey Man
It won't happen and it is a lot more disruption to the side, but I cannot firget the horrors of 2004/5 when Monaghan was halfback.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Why not try Groom at half and Burns at 5/8? If Groom is the goods he could cope. Look at the St G youngsters. A few mistakes in them but lots of brilliance!!

The Wheel
Premium Member
I have to say that the backline is not a bad option Matabele.

However knowing Des it won't happen. I wonder when the club will provide fans with details of the injuries, I think most of players were scans today.

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