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    By:PepiApr 23, 2006
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    First of all Matai's defense was pretty good, and looked good with the ball.
    His discipline is woeful, 4 penalties is unacceptable, he is averaging at least 3 a game, and its letting the team down - he often gives them away at crucial times.

    How good is it to have Steppa as a back-up, he was almost faultless.

    Robertson was safe as, and makes a lot of metres for a tiny guy.

    Bell was awesome as usual, and Hicks did well at the back.

    Looks like Hicks, Rose and Matai will be out for a few weeks, i wouldnt mind seeing.
    -Stewart back at fullback, Steppa to Centre and Sean Meaney to the wing.
    -Cuthbo in for Rose.
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