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Hey Schlock

RLW's "the mole' has Chris Flannery at Manly next season. Can you confirm/deny this rumour with your vast array of contacts at Fairfax?

Thanks Mate


I'll ask his uncle he is just down the road- although I have asked him about three weeks ago and he said no!
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Flannery is pretty overated imo. I rate him up with Williamson in terms of versatility and slightly ahead in ability. The problem is though, his asking price is probably triple.
currently if "Flanno" ( apparantly his nick name out west ) was in our squad he would probably be our starting centre, thats if he wasnt our starting 5/8....
Centre for sure, can't mess with the dynamic halves combo now PEPSI! :)

GOLD Duff :D :D

Now if we had Flanno, we would not even be able to fit Locky in with his substandard kicking percentages! :wall: :wall:


In regard to Flannery I can't get a proper update till next Monday but as far as I know he has just recently bought a property in the Eastern Suburbs and is very happy at the Roosters.
He was signed when he was 15 or 16 to a long term contract believed to be about 8 or 10 years (I'll get confirmation on that).
His preference first and foremost is to stay at the Roosters and his preferred position is 5/8. I thinks he was banking on taking Fitlers spot after he retired and even though he hasn't got his shot yet is keen to bide his time at the Roosters.
This all may well have changed in the past couple of weeks because as we all know money talks- I'll let you guys know on Monday.
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Wasn't Flannery allegedly involved in a Rumoured 'Wayne Carey' type situation with Barry Crocker! Talk is that one or both are headed elsewhere in order to fit Braith Anasta and Willie Mason into the Rorters!


I'll put it to my source on Monday morning CW!
What would Flannery be doing with that old bastards misses- she's the one who's son got done for the boot load of pills in Italy- Simon Main wasn't it ;-)

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