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UFO Hunter
Sonny Bill-Willams got the man of the match award for Friday night footy against the Roosters.

Andy Raymond presented him with the award along with the following:

Sonny Bill, congratulations. Here is $1000 from Bundy Rum but remember it doesn't mean you have to spend it 'all' on Bundy Rum at the bar after the game.

A guy from The Roosters forum has suggested "thank Christ they are playing MANLY next week !!!".


He's kidding right?
I despise SBW for his implication in the Coffs Harbour incident.

But having fought a battle with the bottle myself I'd have found that sort of comment on national TV fairly unhelpful.
So that to the public he appears to be doing something about his bad behavior; which he has himself labeled as being because of alcohol.

Perhaps he should be calling it a weekend binge drinking problem.
If he is indeed going mata.

I won't say that he's not going but that man out there tonight didn't strike me as a bloke with a chemical addiction to Alcohol.

BTW, where did you read that he was going to AA's?
Everyone always assumes the worst.

He's done some stupid things but he's not the devil.. there is still no proof on the coffs harbour stuff.

Hopefully, his stupid acts are behind him now (although I have my doubts) and he gets down to just playing footy. He is good to watch on his day as long as he isn't playing Manly.

I have always said that he is over-rated but I will admit that on his day he is a match winner it's just that those days are few and far between unless you listen to the commentators.
The whole SBW drinking circus is a joke. I had a piss outdoors saturday night too, as many would have.

Was freakish watching him last night, have been tyring to think of a way he could be stopped in that mood, and can't think of many legal theories.

I have never gone along with the over-rated thing. The thing is the hype surrounding some players by others builds them up to an unreachable point, no player can be the match winner every week.
Drinking problem my arse. I agree with Flip, if he is attending AA it is just to appear like he and the club are doing something proactive after all these incidents.

When I was a young fella I was out 2 or more nights a week writing myself off and pissing on walls. The majority of young guys go out on weekends binge drinking, does not meant they are alcos!!!!
Of all my mates who all did the same thing not one is a alco, definately more than 4 of us as well!!!

I would say the % is quite a bit lower than 25% from what I have seen/experienced.
It may depend on what your definition is. there are plenty of sad drunks out there that never seek help.
speaking of drinking problems, how is the wedding plans going Garts :)

Im not doing much, I just transfer the money!!!! I am working the important issues like trying to figure out a day/night for my bucks that suits most.
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9 7 2 49 16
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10 6 4 -10 14
10 6 4 115 12
10 5 5 -56 12
11 5 5 30 11
10 4 6 15 10
10 5 5 -13 10
10 4 6 -18 8
9 3 6 -71 8
10 3 6 -9 7
9 2 7 -69 6
9 2 7 -87 6
9 1 8 -180 4
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